Simple Ways to Protect Your Home from Burglaries

It’s midnight. You are just lying down to go to sleep. All the lights are off in your house. Your head finally hits the pillow and you hear an odd sound from the front of the house. You almost stop breathing as you try and listen for more sounds. Then you hear some rattling and bumps. It sounds like someone is in the house.

No one ever wants to be burglarized. The scene above could be especially dangerous if they know that you are home. By taking a few simple steps, you could prevent these crimes, or at least decrease the chance of them happening.

What can I do to deter burglars from invading my personal space and destroying my sense of security?

  1. Lock your doors and windows. This may seem obvious, but a lot of people leave windows open and doors unlocked, especially if you live somewhere without air conditioning.
  2. Get an alarm system. If you have decorative glass front doors, make sure you can’t see the system from the door (an easy way to see if it is set or not). Also install alarm in the upstairs and over all windows.
  3. Get a dog. Preferably a dog that barks loudly at the sound of odd noises. Crooks hate loud dogs. And nosy neighbors.
  4. BurglarJoin a neighborhood watch. Get to know your neighbors. Reach out to those neighbors to alert you if they see anything strange. If you are going out of town, have your neighbor collect your newspapers. If you live in a snowy place and are going out of town, have the neighbor make a foot path to your door and car tracks in your driveway.
  5. Put your TV on a timer. If you work nights, have it on (or buy a device that gives the illusion of the TV flicker), so that it appears someone is home and awake.
  6. Be aware of people working in and around your house. Most people are innocent, but that person selling a vacuum, carpet cleaner, lawn guy, window cleaner, could all be scoping out your house. If they have access to the inside, even just to use the restroom while they work, they could unlatch a back window for later use. So always check those locks.
  7. Keep the garage closed if you aren’t out and about around the garage. This is an easy way for a burglar to see inside your space. It is also a good idea to lock the door going into the house since a garage door is easier to break into.
  8. Install outside light sensors that turn on when there is any motion around them. This might be enough for a burglar to take off.
  9. If you have sliding glass doors, make sure they have an effective and secure way of locking them.
  10. Sometimes your local police station may offer a home security check. Call them up and utilize that service!

No one wants to have their home broken into. It is devastating and scary. It’ll have you looking over your shoulder constantly, worried about if it will happen again. By taking these few simple steps to protecting your home, you will also be protecting your quality of life and security.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Sam Milam

Sam Milam has been writing and running her own businesses for several years. She was a police and fire emergency 911 dispatcher for four years. She has received training for handling responses to active shooters, suicides, kidnappings, structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, tactical incidents, natural disaster emergencies and so on. Knowledge is power, and by passing on that knowledge she hopes to provide tools for others to avoid and protect themselves and those around them.
Sam Milam

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