Sig Sauer MCX Virtus, 500 Possible Configurations?

Yeah, you read that right. Apparently, Sig had stepped up to bat and swung for the edge of the darn galaxy. I don’t know about you but I need me something with 500 possible configurations. Well, maybe I don’t because I’ll end up spending my kid’s college fund on it. Good thing I’m training him for a scholarship! Seriously though just watch one of the four missions or also referred to as chapters in with they are painting a story upon a battlefield. Sig is designing this rifle for you and you’ll be blown away.

Currently, they have launched “Chapter One: Overwatch” and “Chapter Two: Target Identified”. August 15th, we will see the release of “Chapter Three: Vehicle Assault” and “Chapter Four: Tango Down”. Don’t worry, as they come out I’ll keep you up to date. In “Overwatch” we see a mission briefing to watch for IED placements. The designated rifleman is seen opening a case with an MCX that is fitted with what I’ll assume is the 16-inch barrel as the mission calls for a range of 400 meters. He pulls the rifle out of the case to reveal a folding, collapsible buttock and then threads a silencer onto Sig’s new interchangeable cold hammer-forged barrel. Bada** right?

“Chapter Two: Target Identified” has us back in the briefing room this time getting brief for a strike on a local “network”. Break out that black case again. Here’s where it gets interesting. The rifle from the previous mission is seen being reconfigured. Out goes the 16-inch barrel for the 9-inch chambered in 300 blk with a silencer already affixed. Yes, you did read that correctly. Maybe I should have mentioned that this rifle is chambered in both the widely loved 5.56 NATO and 300 blk. Buttstock? Yeah, that’s out too in favor of a fixed one. Obviously, the hand guard is out too since we swapped barrels and thanks to the M-LOK technology it is a breeze.

Come on if this hasn’t sold you here’s the meat and potatoes. Offer at the moment three platforms with the fourth soon to be released, a “Patrol”, “Pistol” and “SBR”. Three-barrel things coming in at 9”, 11.5” and 16”. The barrels are “of a heavier contour profile” to provide increased accuracy according to the Sig’s press release. They used their proven short-stroke piston system and internal rocket science wizardry recoil system that eliminates the M4-style buffer tube. A freakin’ SIG Matchlite Duo trigger which is a two-stage trigger. A tapered bolt for cycling so smooth it would make a baby’s butt look like five o’clock shadow. Which leads us to the nifty free-floating M-LOK hand guards that Sig says they will be offering EIGHT of both standard and suppressor ready. I don’t know about you but I’m sold and they haven’t even released everything yet! At a base MSRP of $2233.00, I’m going to be waiting for everything to be announced before I fall into any traps but they have me so far! Check back next week to see what else they have been cooking.

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Angelo Pisa

Angelo Pisa

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