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On the first day on the floor of SHOT Show this year I had the singular pleasure of one-on-one time with Phil Isaacson of Tactical Medical Solutions. The company caters to tier one operators and their products are made by and for men with serious combat experience. I was immediately impressed by the Phil’s straightforward approach and even more impressed with their products. On the simple end of the spectrum they sell single items such as tourniquets, chest seals, and surgical airway kits, but they also have medical kits that are quite simply precisely what you should have on your vest.

Adaptive First Aid Kit mounted on vest
Adaptive First Aid Kit mounted on vest

Phil was kind enough to record a brief interview about the product whose design is so logical you wonder why you didn’t think of it first – but then that’s the job of the men at Tactical Medical Solutions, solving medical-related issues that arise in the field in all situations from what might be considered a minor injury to a life-threatening sucking chest wound. The men behind the designs are former and current SF; basically you couldn’t ask for a better source for medical advice in the field. The Adaptive First Aid Kit drew my attention; it’s designed to be worn at the small of the back, making use of valuable real estate that tends to go unused. The kit attaches to your vest with a lanyard so you can access it on the move or in any given situation without worrying about dropping or losing it and has a quick-pull loop in bright red, making it visually natural to grab and pull even in high-stress moments. This is one of, if not the, best vest-mounted kits I’ve seen on the market, and I’ll be getting a few for myself. If you’re serious about safety I highly recommend this kit, and if you’re not serious, you should be.

Adaptive First Aid Kit up close
Adaptive First Aid Kit up close

Included in the Adaptive First Aid Kit:

•1x SOFTT-W w/ tourniquet strap system
•1x Olaes 4” bandage flat packed
•1x Fox Chest Seal
•1x QuikClot Combat Gauze
•1x Nasal Airway w/ Lube
•1x TS5 5” Trauma Shear
•1x 14ga Decompression Needle
•1 PR Nitrile gloves

MSRP $209.43

For law enforcement there’s the TacMed PMK (Pocket Medical Kit) which isn’t on their website yet although similar kits are. The PMK contains the basics a LEO might need in case of serious injury in the line of duty and comes in a fairly small square pouch that fits easily into your breast pocket or into the front slash pocket on your vest. Pictured below is the PMK and a model showing how easily the PMK fits into the vest pocket.

Pocket Medical Kit (PMK)
Pocket Medical Kit (PMK)

PMK in front vest pocket, sitting in plain sight for demonstration’s sake







And for hunters, a tourniquet and a trauma kit:

Hunter’s Tourniquet

Hunter’s Trauma Kit







Visit their website:

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