SHOT Show: TacMed Phantom Hoist

Tactical Medical Solutions did it again with their high-quality Phantom Hoist, a durable litter that manages to be surprisingly lightweight. Having a good litter for emergency evacuations is a must for anyone who hikes or camps and is also a solid choice for search and rescue. The litter was too large for candid images from SHOT Show but we do have a stock image as well as plenty of information.

TacMed Phantom Hoist

From Tactical Medical Solutions (TacMed):

Speed is security. With quick connect ultra-durable Cobra buckles, the Phantom Hoist has proven to be twice as fast as the closest competitor in an actual hoisting operations. The reduction in prep time makes hoisting operations safer for elements on the ground and in the air. Speed on the ground without compromising patient safety equals reduced exposure time for hovering aircraft.

The Phantom Hoist allows you to hoist vertically or horizontally with or without a stretcher.

Three internal securing straps and four external securing straps ensure the patient remains both secure and properly positioned in the Phantom. The dual strap configuration also increases patient safety by securing the patient to both the stretcher and the hoist system.

Four hoist straps constructed with life-rated webbing are used to bear the weight of the patient and set the position of the hoist. In the horizontal hoist the patient is kept slightly head up and in the vertical, slightly feet forward. Additional straps at the head and at the foot allow for adjustments to the angle of flight if necessary.

TacMed Phantom Hoist Ad

The Phantom Hoist was designed to integrate with current stretchers allowing them to be used in vertical or horizontal hoisting and high angle rescue operations. The litter feet remain exposed, easing the process of securing the stretcher to the aircraft and reducing loiter time. The patient is secure but accessible for BLS care during evacuation.

Name: Phantom Hoist
Part Number: PHOIST
Dimensions: 20″x7″x7″
Weight:8.7 pounds
MSRP: Call TacMed for pricing 888-822-6331

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Katherine Ainsworth

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