ESS (Eye Safety Systems) has been in business since 1998, and their focus has been on supplying the military and law enforcement communities with top-tier eyewear since day one. As a subsidiary of Oakley they come from a legacy of superior quality; when the military wants truly high-quality, high-performance eyewear, they turn to ESS. All of ESS’ eyewear is ballistic rated, which is incredibly unique and also singularly impressive; they want to be as confident as possible they’ve done what they can to protect our soldiers’ eyes. Of course, comfort matters, too, and that’s where the new model Influx comes from.

ESS Influx, front view

Influx is an anti-fog AVS goggle designed with an innovative vent and screen system to allow air flow in just the right spots, preventing the sweating and burning eyes often associated with goggles in the military. I tried these goggles on at the ESS booth at SHOT and was duly impressed by their soft-yet-firm grip against my face and the crystal-clear view from all sides – because you know ESS took care to preserve peripheral vision with these goggles. Most fascinating is the way the lenses pop out in one thick piece, because ESS had to maintain ballistic ratings while somehow also making the lenses removable, and that’s no small feat. But they did it, and the result is a new set of goggles that’s bound to be favored by service members from all branches of the military. Much of ESS’ testing was carried out at Fort Benning, which is definitely a logical location for extensive gear testing, and in the end these US Mil-Spec battle-rated goggles became authorized protective eyewear on the APEL. Getting APEL approval is yet another impressive feat; really, everything about the Influx is amazing.

ESS Influx

From ESS:

By virtually eliminating lens fogging, the ESS Influx military goggle allows troops to maintain full situational awareness in dynamic tactical environments. As part of the goggle’s patented Adjustable Ventilation System (AVS) the Influx RotoClip silently pivots the position of the lens inside the goggle frame; choose either a dust-free, fully sealed mode, or a fog-free, open-ventilation mode. With Influx, troops can always see clearly and act fast when seconds count. In addition to controlling the AVS, the RotoClip enables one of the fastest lens exchange systems ever found in a goggle. Operators can switch between lens tints with speed and ease, accelerating environmental adaptability and shortening down time. Combined with a host of other significant advancements, the Influx stands ready to cut through the fog of war and help clear a path to victory.

ESS Influx, back view

ESS Influx vents

Ballistic Protection Standards

The Influx Goggle exceeds U.S. MIL SPEC MIL-PRF-32432, ANSI Z87.1-2010, OSHA & CE EN166

Frame and Lens Options

Frame Color: Terrain Tan

Lens Tint: Clear with a 90% VLT or smoke gray with a 15% VLT

MSRP not known (these are military goggles, civilian version is not being made yet)

ESS Influx


Shop ESS on the US Patriot site:


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Katherine Ainsworth

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