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5.11 has a few new products coming out in 2015 specifically for Law Enforcement Officers including a new pair of pants and new boots. Although the pants will not be for sale until next month I was able to take a look at them at SHOT Show along with the boots  which will be available in May 2015.

The new 5.11 pants

The pants themselves are clearly well-made and cover some bases in pants that had previously not been covered by 5.11. The pant design is the result of a private request made by a certain law enforcement agency which shall remain nameless that wanted tactically-capable pants that don’t actually look like tactical pants. For example, the bulkier pockets on the pant legs of most tactical pants make it quite clear what your job is, and they wanted something with a smooth silhouette and casual appearance. 5.11 delivered on that with flat zippered and slanted pockets on each thigh as well as internal pockets, a waistband slash pocket for Flex Cuffs, and a small-of-the-back pocket for handcuff keys. The knees are reinforced and the material is tough and durable but has some stretch to it. According to the company rep it’s possible to fit 6 loaded rifle mags into the various pants pockets, although that kind of bulk is not only heavy but becomes noticeable. With the basics in the various pockets the silhouette does remain smooth; there are no obvious giveaways that you’re geared up for duty when wearing these pants.

5.11 Stryke

5.11 Stryke TDU Flex Cuff pocket


Stryke TDU—the Stryke TDU is a two-piece pant/shirt set. The top is designed to be worn under an outer plate carrier or load bearing vest. Canted front chest pockets and reinforced, articulated elbows ensure lasting durability and comfort. For added comfort—even throughout long hours of wear—the TDU pant offers a fitted waist band with stretch. An articulated pattern provides a streamlined appearance while allowing full range of movement. 5.11 Tactical also included double-layered knees for enhanced durability. The Stryke TDU will be available in February 2015 for $89.99 MSRP in Black, Storm, TDU Khaki, TDU Green and Dark Navy.

The 5.11 EVO Boot

The new 5.11 boots manage to be heavy duty with excessive weight – we all know what it feels like when duty boots feel like concrete after a long day, and with the EVO boot you avoid that heaviness. The boots have flex more akin to a sneaker but are still rigid enough for duty and the sole is surprisingly comfortable. These are side-zip boots and are a part of 5.11’s Next Level Uniform line.

5.11 EVO Boots in 6″ and 8″

5.11 EVO sole

5.11 EVO Boots side zip


EVO Boot—the new EVO Boot is constructed to allow for a more natural stance and responsive feel with a 14mm heel-to-toe drop, while a nylon shank works to provide torsional rigidity. 5.11 Tactical incorporated patented D3O® Impact Protection for a softer, more flexible and shock-absorbent foundation. Customers can select from 6-inch and 8-inch height options and the boots can also be purchased with waterproof or composite safety toe (CST) features added. The EVO Boot will be available in May 2015 for $124.99-149.99 MSRP in Black, the CST boot comes in Bison.

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Katherine Ainsworth

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