SHOT Show 2016: Snake River Shooting Product’s Team Never Quit Ammo

Snake River Shooting Products (SRSP) was founded by former USAF Casey Betzold for the purpose of designing and manufacturing quality, reliable ammunition. If that seems like a simple platform upon which to build a company, it isn’t. Not all ammunition is created equal – something gun owners discover the more they shoot – and the desire to make something that delivers on all levels is an admirable if time-consuming one.

DSCF3001SRSP hadn’t been around for long when they hooked up with former US Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, who was also in search of something ammunition-related: a company dedicated to producing the kind of high-quality product he wanted to put his name on. Thus was born Team Never Quit, or TNQ, ammunition.

Of course, there’s far more to the story of TNQ ammo than just its being created and manufactured by a team of freedom-loving, quality-focused veterans. For one thing, Luttrell insists all components be made in America. For another, he and Betzold wanted to launch the line with training rounds superior to what already existed on the market, which was no small task. They ended up deciding on what they call Reduced Ricochet rounds. They’re frangible rounds, which means they shatter on impact, but unlike the majority of frangible rounds on the market they are not jacketed. That lack of a jacketed bullet means there’s even less risk of ricochet during range time, which does make these unique even for frangible rounds.

DSC_0001Today there are other rounds in the TNQ lineup from Reduced Ricochet to hunting to self-defense rounds, and more on the way. Perhaps because this is an ammunition line started by veterans it launched with larger calibers as opposed to the smaller ones many lines start off with. In fact, it includes one of my absolute all-time favorites, .338 lapua magnum, which isn’t something you see every day – especially not in a brand-new line.

Speaking from personal experience I can attest to the reliable cycling and performance of TNQ ammunition. I’ll be using it even more in the coming months, including on a few hunts. If you want to check it out for yourself you can visit SRSP’s website. To take a look at TNQ’s full lineup visit here.

There’s something to be said for getting your ammunition from a company owned and operated by great Americans, let alone one where the ammunition line itself is being backed by yet another great American – and a Lone Survivor at that.

Visit the site for Marcus Luttrell’s Lone Survivor Foundation.

Marcus Luttrell and Rigby
Marcus Luttrell and Rigby

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Katherine Ainsworth

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