SHOT Show 2016: FNH USA Rebrands Itself

FN Herstal has been around for quite some time. The company’s full name is Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal which is French and translates to National Factory of Herstal. It was founded in 1889 as a solution to the Belgian government’s request for the delivery of 150,000 Mauser Model 89 rifles but it did not take long for the company to flourish through other avenues. Today they are well established and respected as a major manufacturer but, more importantly, as the largest European military small arms exporter.

After 125 years they have decided to end the debates regarding their name the easy way: rebranding. For years those in the industry have debated their name arguing the many variations which include FNH, FN, FN Herstal, FNH USA – the list goes on. Well, those debates are no more. As of Tuesday, January 19, 2016, FNH USA has officially become FN (when a longer title is needed it will b FN America, not FN USA).

In addition to adopting a shorter name, FN also made changes to the company colors. Up to this point their logo has been depicted in white letters on a royal blue background. Now it’s slate blue, a color that somehow manages to communicate confidence and calm without saying a word.

FNHTheir third and final change – for now – is the adoption of a new slogan: “The World’s Most Battle-Proven Firearms.” This is certainly an accurate slogan to use considering FN’s reputation for military firearms.

The changes may take some getting used to. In fact when I was heading to their booth at SHOT Show for a meeting I found myself looking for their logo from afar – and was confused. Once I heard the explanation it all made sense. My memory had not failed me entirely. It had changed – for the better.

These changes can only be positive for a company that has made its name based on firearms that are well-made and perform reliably. Firearms that have undoubtedly saved the lives of many of our own service members. The shortened name, the deeper, calmer shade of blue, even the new slogan – these are all changes that evoke an even greater sense of trust in an established company. I, for one, look forward to seeing what FN brings us in the coming years.

You can visit FN’s website to get a look at the new logo and color:



Katherine Ainsworth

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Katherine Ainsworth

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