SHOT Show 2016: EAA’s Unique Holster

When it comes to concealed carry you’re faced with numerous decisions from model of gun to caliber to what ammunition to load it with. Then there’s the endless hours of focused training and honing skills such as shooting with your weaker hand and firing from varying positions. No doubt about it, there’s far more to concealed carry than just grabbing a gun and going out the door. If your CC of choice just happens to be a .380 ACP, check out this new holster from European American Armory Corporation (EAA).

In recent years the .380 ACP has only gained popularity and an increasing number of manufacturers have come out with pocket pistols chambered in the little cartridge. Whether you’ve picked up a Glock 42 or recently purchased the new Remington RM380, you need a mode of carry. It’s true that you could use just about any method for a .380 from ankle holsters to belly bands, but what if you could conceal your firearm in a truly unique way? Enter EAA’s ABDO Concealed Carry Portable Firearm Safe.

I admit I was immediately impressed with this little holster – which is really a portable safe. The EAA rep repeatedly demonstrated its many features and I found myself thrilled to have one even though my daily carry is actually a significantly larger caliber handgun (I do, after all, own guns chambered in .380 ACP).

So how does it work? Basically this is a small, durable plastic case just large enough to carry a pocket pistol. It fastens to your belt and is equipped with sensors so it “knows” if it is removed. Opening it is as simple as punching in a quick code and if that alarm is activated the holster sends an alert to your cell phone. Better still, you can unlock the case with your cell phone from any location. The rep told me he even managed to unlock the case for his wife while she was at home and he was on a business trip in Turkey. If you’d like a truly in-depth explanation, take a look at the 8-page user manual.

HolsterVisit EAA’s site for a closer look:

From EAA:

Carry Concealed with a holster that looks like a cell phone clipped to your belt. Order your ABDO today and be one of the first to receive this innovative way for concealed carry in plain sight.

Fits the following firearms:

  • Pico Beretta
  • Diamondback DB380
  • Kel-tec P-3AT
  • Ruger LCP
  • Seecamp 32
  • North American Arms Guardian .380 & .32
  • Smith and Wesson Bodyguard
  • Taurus 738 TCP .380ACP (Multiple Models)

External: Height/Length: 6.25″ x Width: 4.25″, Depth: 1 1/8″ & Depth with Clip: 1 1/2″
Internal: Corner Width: 3 7/8″, Center Width: 3 5/8″, Depth: 3/4″

Katherine Ainsworth

Katherine is a military and political journalist with a reputation for hard-hitting, no-holds-barred articles. Her career as a writer has immersed her in the military lifestyle and given her unique insights into the various branches of service. She is a firearms aficionado and has years of experience as a K9 SAR handler, and has volunteered with multiple support-our-troops charities for more than a decade. Katherine is passionate about military issues and feels supporting service members should be the top priority for all Americans. Her areas of expertise include the military, politics, history, firearms and canine issues.
Katherine Ainsworth

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