Ever since joining this blog, I have found myself flipping back and forth through all 196 pages that have amassed since the conception. I find myself doing it at all hours… looking for something. An answer. One most of us deal with after separation — What next? What do I do next without The Service? Some tell you of the haunting nights, the possible depression, self-doubt… of course, you always say, “Oh that won’t happen to me.” That is until you find yourself sitting up at 3 am wondering you are watching the same late-night TV episodes and every movie on the Netflix catalog.

When I got out for 8 months that I was unemployed I suffered dearly. I slept during the day from pure exhaustion and found myself staring at either the TV, my computer or the ceiling all night long until I fell asleep if I could manage it. Mainly I feel I was looking for the answer to what I felt I was missing that kept me up all night. I also suffered from nightmares if I slept before I was completely exhausted, so I tried to keep myself up as much as possible.

No one person is going to have the same experience of course. You don’t need a degree to know that. I am not an expert of course but the point is that stories help. Knowing that you are not alone helps. By sharing my story, I hope that I can help at least one person. My biggest mistake was that the only person I could admit I had a problem to was myself. I was and still am hesitant to talk to people about things that are going on.

The biggest thing is to remember not to find yourself in such a hole that you turn to paths that lead to nothing good, drugs, alcohol, committing crimes, etc. I know some aren’t as lucky as others. I had the fortune of my parents to fall back on. While I never did drugs or drink, or any of the latter, my outlet was spending every dime I had or received building my truck and going to the gym two to three times a day. Both were passions. My passions kept me from trouble. Being back in my old town, with all my buddies who were doing nothing to stay out of trouble.

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Angelo Pisa

Angelo grew up in California before enlisting in the United States Army in the summer of 2013. After an unfortunate injury, he left the Army in December of 2014. He now spends his time running two growing businesses and is in the process of starting another. His hobbies include sports, anything automotive and firearms.
Angelo Pisa

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