Separation Part II: The Workforce

This is one of the harder parts. Pulling all you have together into one piece and making something of it. That resume template is pretty scary when it is staring at you, and you don’t really have much to put on it. You joined fresh out of high school, maybe one year out after giving the school the old college try. All you have is that super part-time summer job and the military to report and possibly that one semester of JC you attended and barely passed.

Let me tell you all of that doesn’t matter. It is all about the effort you put in and the passion you show. When I got out I literally only had those two things. My service which I didn’t even complete my full term and a job I had for literally three months in-between dropping out of school and enlisted while I was in a delayed entry. That didn’t stop me from getting invited to the hiring process for three different police forces. Maybe that isn’t what you want, you did it all already and wanted to go with something different… Less stereotypical. Wayne Gretzky once said, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” That could never be truer.

The worst anyone could say is no and then you move on. One key thing to remember is when building that resume is to know the audience. If I am applying for a position at a retail store, I’m not going to put that I held a Top Secret clearance while in the service. They don’t care. What I am going to include is that I work great in teams both small and large. Also, something that I’ve seen is over explanation of what it is you did. Most employers aren’t even going to read what the heck you wrote and righting a paragraph for each duty station, rank change, FOB, or what have you isn’t going to change that. Most of the time less is more, and that can save you.

The next biggest thing to remember is OPSEC. Your resume will go on file when you do finally find that right job, and that means most likely it’ll be uploaded to a computer and stored. If that system got hacked and you decided to include on your resume what your job was while on a FOB with the guys in black with beards and someone attacks said location, you are now responsible if they find that out.

Also remember, that you are not entitled to anything. Most companies are going to hire the more qualified person who does well in the interview. You just have to remember that you need to move on and not fester of it.

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Angelo Pisa

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