Self-Defense Items for Women

What are some self-defense items that women carry daily? Of course, pepper spray is the more popular self-defense tool, but there are plenty of others that are just as effective. Items that are easily and comfortably carried, unnoticeable, and easily dismissed because of their harmless appearance are important for all women to consider when preparing to defend themselves. This article will discuss five different self-defense items and how they can be used against a possible assailant.

Keys and Keychains

Keys and keychains come in various shapes and colors. They are extremely light to carry and fit into your pocket or bag, which makes this item unnoticeable.

  • Personal Safety Keychain: This often looks like a simple, shiny store merchandise keychain. However, looks are very deceiving. This item is intended for striking at an attacker and helping you get away.
  • Baton: Small, keyring-sized batons are available. Some are even expandable, or have pointed ends or pressure nodules on them. Practice with one first before you decide to carry.
  • Monkey Fist: A “monkey fist” is a length of braided paracord with a hard rubber ball at the end that is usually wrapped in cord. This is a tool you would swing at your attacker, and is very helpful at keeping them at a distance.

There are a variety of keychain self-defense tools available, so purchase one that you find easy to carry and that fits you and your abilities.

Taser and Stun Guns

The next item is the taser, also known as a stun gun. This is a useful tool because there is not much effort needed on your part to use it effectively. It can be helpful in taking out an assailant who is much larger than you. But much like the self-defense keychains, taser guns are meant to be used up-close, so be careful. Also, it is important to know that tasers are illegal in most states! Fortunately, not all stun guns are illegal (such as the lipstick stun gun), so I encourage you to find one that is legal and won’t get you in trouble when you are defending yourself.

Jewelry and Apparel

There are different pieces of jewelry and apparel that you can wear to help you in emergency situations when you’re facing an attacker:

  • Bracelet: There are many styles of self defense bracelets. My choice is the Dragon-Headed Bracelet, with its protruding ears meant for scratching an assailant and its long chain that protects your wrists and can also be used as a whip.
  • Necklace: A Buddhist mala self-defense necklace is a bit heavy, but it blends in and is inconspicuous. This item can be used for whipping an attacker. However, it does require some skill to use it correctly.
  • Belt: Just like the necklace, it can be used to whip the attacker. It can be made of chain or another heavy material, and the buckle can also be designed for self defense.

In the end, it is important to be prepared for any situation by having one or more self-defense items on your person. Knowing how to use your self-defense tool (especially up-close tools) are key to being able to protect yourself in any situation. Also – don’t forget to consider the legality of a tool before purchasing it. Check your state and local laws.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

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