Security Force Assistance Brigade to Wear Green Berets

Tradition is a word long associated with the United States Armed Forces. Whether it be unit mottos, the distinctive uniforms that each branch wears or special units. There are some traditions that should just never be touched. I wrote a while back about how the wool peacoat was on the outs and I now write about another tradition that is in jeopardy. We are seeing the green berets long-standing tradition of marking the best soldiers in jeopardy at the hands of a new up and coming 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade, which is under the 92nd Brigade Support Battalion.

Task & Purpose reported that sources close to the situation and currently assigned to 1st SFAB have confirmed the issuance of the green beret to soldiers assigned. Service spokeswoman Cynthia O. Smith also told Task & Purpose that nothing has been announced. Seems we have a bit of a stalemate on that. The first appearance of the beret as the unit headgear is slated to appear sometime in November according to those sources from before.

This is not the first time the Army started a controversy with issuing soldier’s berets. Back in 2001, all soldiers were to wear the black beret which was the unit beret of the 75th Ranger Regiment. In 2011, the order was modified to have soldiers not assigned to the unit wear the beret only during special occasions. Of course, the 75th Ranger Regiment was authorized in 2001 to ditch the black beret and adopt the current tan beret. That still does not change some vet’s opinions on the matter even 16 years later. Trust me, my mom’s boyfriend is a retired Ranger. He made his opinion known multiple times.

Of course, 1st SFAB didn’t stop at the beret. They also adopted the nickname “The Legion” which has long been associated with 5th Special Forces Group. The unit also took cues from the Vietnam era MACV-Recondo patch worn by some 5th Group soldiers of the time.

The patch is similar in that it too is a “spear” shape it features the opposite direction with a sword in the middle with a tab reading “Combat Advisor”. The beret is actually OD Green; however, the flash is VERY close featuring a white-bordered blue shield with 3 red stripes going the opposite direction of the one worn by 5th Group.

A petition started by former Green Beret, Derek Gannon, has garnered 81,900 signatures in 3 days. He calls for the 1st SFAB to cease use of their proposed beret and all other similarities to 5th Group and Special Forces altogether.

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