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If you own any type of firearm, then you know that the best way to store it is to get a gun safe. That way, your gun is locked in a secured place that only you and the people you trust can access. But, does it have to be a gun safe? Or can you use a regular safe for your firearm collection?

Most people forget to ask this question when they are buying a safe because they think all safes are the same. As you can imagine, that is far from the truth. The short answer is no. You should not use a regular safe for your firearm. The more detailed answer is longer than just a two-letter word. This article outlines why a non-gun designed safe is not the best option for your firearms.

Why You Shouldn’t Store Your Guns In a Non-Gun Safe


It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about pistols, guns, or rifles, they are best stored in a gun safe. That is because the materials firearms are made from don’t react well when they come into contact with moisture. Steel, in particular, can start to rust if it isn’t protected with an anti-rust coating. Unfortunately, basic safes have higher moisture levels than gun safes. That means your guns could easily start rusting if you store them in a regular home safe. That accumulation of rust can lower the quality of your gun to the point where it cannot be used anymore.

If for some reason you can’t purchase a gun safe, you should get a dehumidifier that lowers the moisture level in your safe. However, it may not completely eradicate moisture because a dehumidifier can only lower it a certain percentage. The humidity level will depend on the safe you have, the materials the safe is made out of, and your location. If you live in a warmer area, the humidity level is higher than in a colder part.

California DOJ Approval

Another reason to consider a gun safe is because some states require them. According to the laws outlined by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in California, for example, you can’t store firearms in safes that aren’t made according to their specific requirements. One of the most important requirements is that you must use a DOJ-approved gun safe to store your firearms. So check the technical characteristics of the gun safe you picked. If it comes with the”California DOJ approved“ sign, then you know you can use it without fear of breaking the law. Even though this is a California-specific requirement, other states encourage people to follow the same requirements. After all, they were put in place to make sure your guns are stored in the best and safest place possible.

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