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Scoundrels and Scallywags: Your Guide to Contemporary American Politics | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

Scoundrels and Scallywags: Your Guide to Contemporary American Politics

IgnoranceAlthough to the outsider, and some short-sighted individuals who should actually know better, it might appear that the political state of America is coming apart at the seams. That is not really the case. Our government, and the politics that it spawns, is actually a very forgiving and ponderous system. The gridlock that has been evident in the last four years is actually a feature of the government, not a byproduct.

Our government is driven by the separation of powers. Of the three branches of government, none are more important or stronger than the other two. Each has its prescribed duties and, usually, they are upheld. It is only when one of the branches starts trying to take power from another that a problem occurs.

Idiot CongressThe political parties in the United States revolve around two core concepts. Liberalism, as defined by the Democratic Party, and conservatism, as illustrated by the Republican Party. There are numerous smaller parties that disagree with certain aspects of the Democrats or Republicans, but these parties don’t have any real degree of power on the national stage.

Democrats are the party of big government and more laws to control behavior and promote the goal that everyone should get a fair shake at life, whether they want to work at it or not. Republicans, on the other hand, although they have become a supporter of big government, are supposed to be for traditional values like personal responsibility and accountability.

Govt MoneyThe major problem in American politics today is the same one from a hundred years ago. Politicians are only human and greed is a powerful emotion. It is a rare politician that doesn’t get wealthy in national politics. It is even rarer for that wealthy politician not to owe favors to the people who give him or her money.

A politician that is beholden to a group, like Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, Big Oil, or any of the other lobbying factions and groups out there, will vote for that faction, whether his constituents want that or not. The voters will punish the politicians who are the most venal, usually at the ballot box but sometimes by supporting recall elections or even criminal trials.

CriminalCurrently, Democrats have lost control of the Senate. Their standing in the House of Representatives is at an 80 year low. Although there are many reasons for this current state of affairs, the most relevant is that the voters have gotten tired of the liberal agenda. Whenever political power in this country swings too far to one end of the spectrum, voters tend to right the balance. Politicians have been trying to halt these swings for centuries, but the people don’t allow that to happen.

The people are the ones who make the difference. It is one of the things that make this governmental system keep clattering along, often looking like it is coming off the rails, but always chugging ahead. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, but always forward.

ExplainPrior to the November mid-term election, polls were showing a narrow Republican win, perhaps picking up a couple of seats in the Senate and couple in the house. Democrats were supposed to do better than they did, but the people spoke.

Unfortunately, what they said was ignored by many politicians. The liberals, who have had control of the Senate and the Presidency for six years, are dismissing what the voters demonstrated to them. The president is taking the dangerous step of usurping the power that lies in Congress. Executive action on immigration is unconstitutional and self-defeating. Without a friendly Senate to back up the decision, that action will wither on the vine and actually make immigration reform harder to pass.

LoyaltyBy pushing forward a politically motivated policy that he has neither the strength nor the authority to enforce, Obama sets two dangerous precedents. The first is that unless the executive action is stopped, any future president can use the same arguments to justify his agenda. It creates an imperial presidency that any freedom loving individual, no matter their politics, would detest. The second is that it diminishes the role of Congress now, and sets the president up as an opponent or enemy of our lawmaking body.

That is where the body politic now stands. Our country is at yet another crisis with our political representatives. There is nothing new here, nor anything very old. As a nation, we are still young and learning. Twenty years from now, many of the issues that are so pressing today will seem quaint. It doesn’t mean we haven’t dealt with them. It means we have dealt with them in our own way.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

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