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Russia Goes Ballistic as US and NATO Fire Up Another Part of the European Missile Shield | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

Russia Goes Ballistic as US and NATO Fire Up Another Part of the European Missile Shield

The announcement that a big part of NATO’s European missile defense shield would soon be operational brought a sharp response from Russia as expected. Despite assurances from the US that the missile defense system was meant as a countermeasure against an Iranian, or other rogue nation’s, nuclear strike, the Russians were having no part of it and believe that it is 100% aimed at limiting their ability to stage a nuclear counterattack should the West strike first.

What is the European Missile Defense Shield?

One of the reasons the Russians are concerned about the missile defense shield is that it actually spans much further than just across Europe and, with expanded shipboard capability, it could grow even more. Apparently the last piece of the puzzle to get the shield operational was just put into place in Romania. Already in place are installations in Turkey and Greenland; an additional site is scheduled to be started in Poland in the coming weeks and be online by 2018. Not only does the missile shield use land-based installations, but it also uses shipboard components too. Currently Norway has a ship that can assist with the missile shield and the United States has four ships stationed in Spain with the capability too. Other nations such as Denmark are expected to have shipboard missile defense shield capabilities soon too.

The missile shield has many parts that come together to make it work. There are the sites that detect a hostile ballistic missile launch, other sites that track the missile and then ships or land-based missiles are launched to intercept the enemy ballistic missile in space before it reenters the atmosphere.

Missile DefenseWhy are the Russians So Upset?

The Russians are angry and have accused the United States of violating previous nuclear treaties that have already been signed. Many Russian military leaders are also upset because they feel that the missile shield might give the USA and NATO the capability to hold off a Russian counterattack in the event the West decided to launch a nuclear strike in the event of war. They also believe it is escalating the tensions in Eastern Europe as NATO continues to envelop Russia on all sides.

It is actually fairly ironic that Russia has the audacity to question anything that NATO and the USA does these days. The West is more paranoid and distrustful of Russia than at any time since the Cold War. Aggressive actions by Russia without the fear of reprisals from the West have taken place in the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine, Eastern Ukraine and Syria.

The United States counters the Russian fears by claiming it does not have the technology to shoot down Russia’s more advanced ballistic missiles. Either way, tensions between the two superpowers have now increased even more.

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