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The Rifle I Want (But Can’t Have)

I want to own a rifle; it is one that I have always liked. Many of you probably have one and those of us who were in the military “back in the day” trained on it: the AR-15. Oh the reliability and simplicity of its design. I have the cash and the space in the safe, I am over 18, have never been convicted of a felony nor have I renounced my citizenship, yet by law I am forbidden to own this piece of American history. Some might ask how this can be – the Second Amendment protects our right to own and bear arms – however, I live in the State of New York, and with the stroke of a pen, Governor Cuomo stripped my rights to own a certain class of weapons.

The New York Secure Firearm and Ammunition Act of 2013 (SAFE-ACT) struck a blow to gun owners throughout the United States. When a government is allowed to arbitrarily ban the sale of a class of weapons based solely on the appearance of said weapon, require those weapons already owned be registered, and limit the amount of ammunition law-abiding people can purchase, we are on the verge of a total elimination of all gun rights. This issue, which should be of concern to all people, remains as long as this law is allowed to stand. Gun owners throughout this country are at jeopardy of losing their weapons.

[quote_left]”…we are on the verge of a total elimination of all gun rights.”[/quote_left]New York has always been at the forefront of stripping the personal liberties of its citizens, starting in 1911 with the Sullivan Act. This was the first law enacted in the United States that mandated to own a pistol an individual must first be registered with the local police agency. This law made it a felony to possess a weapon without a license and a misdemeanor just to own a weapon. Like the SAFE Act, this law was allegedly in response to a murder-suicide that took place near Gramercy Park; however, much like the SAFE Act, it is believed it was a political move by Sullivan to ensure his bodyguards were armed and his political foes would be left vulnerable. 102 years later, after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, an up-and-coming political person, Governor Andrew Cuomo, passed sweeping legislation that once again leaves the law abiding citizen at a disadvantage, and the criminals better armed.

How does this affect the rest of the nation? As New York has shown, and, to date, the Courts have held mostly intact, a large segment of the population feels rifles with detachable magazines, muzzle brakes, collapsible stocks and other cosmetic characteristics are too dangerous for the average citizen to own and need to be removed from society. As groups petition the White House for “real gun control,” the Brady Foundation and Bloomberg go around the country spending large amounts of cash on a total misinformation campaign, and public responds with increasing pressure on politicians to “do something.” Since NY has passed its law, other states have taken action to ban ‘assault’ weapons, and limit large-capacity magazines.

I understand many people feel this could never happen in their state and the local politicians have their best interest at heart. I am here to tell you until January 15th, 2013, I felt the same way. There are a couple potential challenges coming up regarding the SAFE act, however, in today’s society I am afraid the points are moot, and we have come too far to overturn this sad piece of legislation.

Ban GunsThere is a large, growing segment of the population taking a simplistic view of crimes committed with guns. In general, these people are well-educated, professionally employed, and well-spoken. They tend to live in the suburbs and larger metropolitan areas and feel things will always be great, that nothing bad can happen. They have never hunted or attempted to even generally live off the land. Their food is nicely packaged and nothing bad ever happens to them or their little cliques. These same people are the ones who have no idea how to survive when something bad happens.

These people want your firearms, all of them. They “know” you will be safer without them, and in turn feel they will be safer. I have had some of these individuals tell me no one needs to own a gun; the police can be there to save you. These are the same individuals who when Sandy devastated the Eastern Seaboard were screaming because they could not flush the toilet. The Second Amendment of the Constitution was meant to apply to all citizens of this country, but it no longer does. New York and California have the strictest gun laws in the nation, soon to follow will be Connecticut, New Jersey, and a handful of others who are bowing under political pressure.

The days of gun ownership are numbered. It will be done slowly with registrations and bans on certain classes of weapons. It may not happen totally in my life time; however, it will happen. The current political atmosphere and public perception of gun owners is negative. Governor Cuomo has already stated he does not want me in New York because of my “radical” views on gun ownership. He feels “that no one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer,” and he will undoubtedly be on the national ballot within 10 years for President. It is not just in New York; look at conservative areas such as Houston, Dallas, and McAllen in Texas, Colorado, and Utah; the movement is spreading. Hold your guns near; this is what is coming, America, and I am afraid today there is not much we can do to stop it.

I want to own a rifle, but I can’t, and soon you may not be able to either.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Paul Hood

The Honorable Paul Hood is a decorated veteran who served in the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm.Immediately after high school he enlisted in the US Air Force, serving as an Air Traffic Controller.After leaving the military, he moved back to the Finger Lakes region of New York where he worked in emergency medicine, serving on the Board of Directors, the Director of Operations and the Director of Training at Victor Farmington Volunteer Ambulance Corp. In 1999 he became an NYS paramedic. Paul became more active in politics through EMS, attempting to change protocols and increase training standards throughout the region. He was eventually promoted to the Disaster Response Team (DRT), a select group of paramedics charged with responding to FEMA and state requests associated with disasters.Paul saw duty at World Trade Center after the terror attacks of 9/11/01 and hurricanes Katrina and Rita in September of 2005.

Following his successful career in DRT, he returned to school, graduating with an AS Degree in Business Administration, HR and Law minors. He completed his AS in Paralegal studies in May 2014.

In his off time, Paul enjoys riding motorcycles and is an active member of the Patriot Guard Riders of New York, protecting the sanctity of funerals for military, law enforcement officers, EMS and fire fighters.

On July 4th, 2013, Paul was approached by the Heroes Memorial Foundation, Inc. to assist them with the Granite Mountain Hotshot Team tragedy in Prescott Arizona.Currently he is working as the Public Information Officer responsible for ensuring accurate information is released to news media outlets, and to the appropriate on-line forums.

Paul is currently the town judge of Senaca, NY. Paul is responsible for all media relations regarding Fire & Rescue and Military Heroes.
Paul Hood

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11 thoughts on “The Rifle I Want (But Can’t Have)

  1. I believe that if people want to protect themselves they should have a right to. They shouldn’t just go out and buy guns and weapons of any kind and automatically know how to protect themselves. Classes and training. If you don’t know how to use certain things you should know that you need to learn about it. We need to show we can step up and take charge to protect our families.

  2. We need to sue the politicians and anti-gun groups when we are unable to defend ourselves. Make them financially responsible for all crimes that could have been prevented by law abiding citizens.

  3. Thomas Jefferson said, “Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.” If the good people in NY want their rights back it is up to them to go out and grab them back. The rest of us must also make sure that the people we elect will stand for freedom and not for more government.

    1. Hi Dan,
      I totally agree with you, Upstate NY agrees with you, we have a problem though, and it is NY City. Cuomo did not take Upstate during the primaries, and that is among his own base. In NY primaries are for party only, i.e. Republicans, Conservatives, Green Party etc cannot vote in the Democrat Primary. I hope, and pray that there is a change at the top. If the Gun Owners of NY stand up and vote against Cuomo, he does not stand a chance. Every politician who voted in favor of the Safe Act is in a lot of trouble in the polls. It is possible that we could see a change; however, for that to happen people must vote.

  4. http://www.lrc.ky.gov/Statutes/statute.aspx?id=40556

    If your state constitution does not have a section like this in it, you may be living in a state where the majority of the people believe and support everything just laid out by Paul. If you absolutely love your state and couldn’t bare the thought of ever leaving, you better stand up and fight now! Otherwise, take a bite of reality and move to a state where you don’t have to ask permission to make decisions for yourself. But, if you come to my state you better be ready to fight. My neighbors know my mind and agree or at least understand, and know they can rely on me for support in any manner of situations. Socialist Democrats are everywhere, even here in KY, but you need to keep them in check and it takes action by each individual.

  5. I agree with Brent, if politcians really want to “do something” then make it mandatory for anyone looking to buy any class of a firearm must pass not only a safety course pertaining to that class, but also pass a proficiency course to make sure they can actually learn to protect themselves.

  6. Good day. I am an American soldier, retired on paper from the US Army after 22 years. I own several firearms to include two AR-15s. I wanted the reader to understand my connection with firearms. The author has made a mistake in his description of how the New York law came into being. The governor did not just enact this law in a vacuum. The state legislature, the representatives of the people of New York state, passed a bill through both houses of the legislature and the governor signed it into law. The author has forgotten that the NRA and numerous gun rights organizations have said that 2nd Amendment issues are states rights issues and should only be decided at the state level. Well …….
    I suspect that this is situation might have been avoided had 2nd Amendment supports had led the charge to enact background checks, mental health restrictions on gun ownership and had come up with a comprehensive plan for safe use, care and secure storage of firearms, but alas, no, that did not happen. Instead, after Sandy Hook, after Virginia Tech, after Oikos University, after Red Lake Senior High school, after the Amish School, after Northern Illinois University and after Columbine all the NRA, the gun industry and 2nd Amendment advocates did was to appose any actions that would have enhanced the image of firearms owners and the legal use of firearms.
    Until, the NRA, the gun industry and 2nd Amendment advocates take the position of leadership and honestly address the fears and anger of the people, we gun owners are going to find ourselves on the short end of the legislative stick.

  7. Michael:

    First, I would like to thank you for your service. In regards to your comments about this law was not passed in a vacuum, you are partially correct. This law was literally passed in the dark of night, after the Governor utilized a “message of necessity” to circumvent the New York State mandatory three day cooling off period on all bills. This bill was never debated, there never was any public comment and it was passed in the middle of the night. To demonstrate how unpopular this law is 54 of 60 Counties Sheriff’s and District Attorneys have spoken out against the law. Some more strongly than others, however these counties have stated that they will not prosecute cases under the SAFE ACT. The Second Circuit Court of the United States Court of Appeals (Western NY) has ruled much of the law unenforceable due to the wording, and struck down the 7 round limit on ammunition that could be carried in the magazine.
    The taking of ones rights needs to be done with due process, not backroom politics in the middle of the night.

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