REVIEW: Taktik Extreme iPhone Case

The smartphone has become more than a luxury; it is a valuable part of everyday life and an indispensable tool. Whether you find yourself trying to document a crime scene, access the latest intel, or navigate the streets of your latest R&R city – there’s an app for that. Most of use rely on our phones for more than simply making calls and are rarely without them. On duty, off duty or even when we are sleeping, our phones are seldom more than an arm’s reach away.

Unlike the flip phones found clipped to belts a few short years ago, today’s smartphones are more computer than cellphone and come with a price tag to match. Unfortunately, the majority of today’s smart phones are also delicate, easily damaged, precision instruments. Although we might find them indispensable in hostile environments, those environments are often just as hostile towards the phone as they are towards us.

As soon as I unpacked my first iPhone I realized that a quality case would be a top priority; exposure to the mud, rain, dust or the bumps and bruises that are a daily part of routine patrol would likely result in a quick death for my new tool. Over the next several months I tested numerous covers from multiple manufacturers. Most of the popular cases were excellent choices and offered a high degree of protection. Each had its pluses and its minuses. But in the end there could be only one.

Taktik Extreme by Lunatik Review

Extreme CaseAs the name implies, the Taktik Extreme is built to protect your phone in even the most extreme conditions. Protection from drops, shock, dust and moisture are what this case is designed for and it does its job pretty well. More than a case, the Taktik is actually a conversion kit which includes a heavy duty silicone/rubber bumper and gorilla glass screen protector held in place by 6 screws. All accessory ports are fully protected by removable covers. While the Taktik does add considerable bulk to the phone, its sleek design allows for easier-than-expected carry in a pocket. The smooth design and rounded corners allowed for easy removal from cargo style pockets. And although a holster does not come standard, I didn’t find the lack of one to be too inconvenient. (If a holster is necessary, one is expected to be available by late summer and will include a multiple position belt clip able to be securely attached to your belt, pack or any standard webbing.)

Despite its heavy duty construction and extreme drop protection, the Taktik does not claim to be waterproof – only water resistant. This means it is meant to protect from rain, snow or a quick drop in shallow water but not a drop off the patrol boat. Nor can you take it on your next diving excursion. Like most heavy duty covers, the use of docking stations is not possible while it’s in use, but most other accessories are able to be used without problem.

All in all I found that the solid construction and the 360 degree of protection provided by the Taktik Extreme means this is one of the best options for protecting my electronic companion.


  • Extreme shock protection
  •  Gorilla glass screen protector
  • Sleek design eases carrying


  • Cost (MSRP $124.95)
  • Less water protection than expected
  • No holster included (sold separately)

Tom Burrell

Tom enlisted in the US Marine Corps Reserves in 1987. Following service in Desert Storm, he transitioned to active duty with the US Coast Guard. In 1997 he left the USCG to pursue a position in conservation & maritime law enforcement. Tom is currently a Captain and he oversees several programs, including his agency investigation unit. He is also a training instructor in several areas including firearms, defensive tactics and first aid/CPR. In 2006 Tom received his Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Harrisburg Area Community College and in 2010 a Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State University.
Tom Burrell

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