REVIEW: ReadyMan E-FAK Emergency First Aid Kit

E-FAK from ReadyMan is an emergency first aid kit with supplies needed for treating trauma injuries. The nylon kit comes in black or tan, measures 8 1/2″ long by 3 1/2″ high by 5 1/2″ wide, and is easy to open with zippers running the length of the bag. The interior is designed with high-visibility orange pouches which allow for the supplies to stay well- organized. The kit has a lifetime warranty and is MOLLE compatible.

The 1.7-pound kit is packed with the following:

  • EMT shears
  • RATS tourniquet
  • Pressure bandage
  • Nu-Stat Blood Stop Gauze
  • Instructional bandana
  • Emergency blanket
  • Nasal tube with lube
  • ReadyMan medical card
  • Chest seal
  • One pair of latex gloves

About ReadyMan

The Special Forces veterans that founded ReadyMan describe themselves as a community that creates outdoor survival gear, home defense products, and apparel for the modern era. They also provide extensive, informative content on their products, training techniques, and skill-building instructional videos, which they describe as “enter-trainment.” Their products are innovative and uniquely designed for civilians to use in their day-to-day lives.

ReadyMan E-FAK Emergency Kit Construction

While hiking the AT, this kit was easy to carry due to its small size and light weight. In addition to knowing that this kit leaves you prepared to handle most major trauma incidents, the design features are especially important when hiking long distances and traversing steep inclines.

The kit is much smaller than expected, which is fine given how well designed and organized the bag is. It is durable, made of heavy-duty nylon, lightweight (only 1.7-lbs), and compact. The compartments allow for all the items to fit perfectly without being lost or obstructed in the pockets. You can easily access what you need – an important feature when you’re treating a patient and the pressure is on.

A Look at the Features

As mentioned, the trauma kit is light and easily slips onto MOLLE. This may seem like a mundane feature, but it is often difficult to find in a 1st aid kit. Storage space for supplies is designed well; they’ve managed to include everything you need without adding extra for the sake of having more. However, there is a bit of extra room to include your favorite tool or item.

Also, another great feature to mention is that ReadyMan has designed their own tourniquet, which is included in the kit. It has a nylon exterior that covers a vulcanized rubber core. It is simple to use and designed for single-handed deployment. The prevents fumbling around when it matters most, which is crucial in a trauma situation, especially when there is significant blood loss. Also, it was made to fit working dogs as well, so it can be used on an animal if they work/travel/hike/hunt with you.

The only drawback is that there is no CPR shield, and variety in the bandages is lacking.

Who Should Buy the E-FAK First Aid Kit?

ReadyMan’s first aid product line is for the trained, experienced user. The kit contains a tourniquet and chest seal, which requires a certain level of training to know not just how to use it, but when. The users should know how to assess a patient’s progress when these items are in use. The nasopharyngeal airway is another one – it requires training to use properly and could cause serious injury if misused, so the E-FAK kit is best for customers with at least EMT/Medic level training.

Having said that – if you are comfortable and trained to treat traumatic injuries, this is the perfect kit. When traveling, attending mass events, and when out hiking/hunting – you’ll be prepared for a medical emergency.

Value for the Money

Price on the ReadyMan website is $139.00 and is well worth it. The kit’s sleek design, supplies, and MOLLE compatibility make it a great addition to your gear. You can tell that the development team put a lot of thought and research into selecting the most useful tools to supply the kit with, as well as designing it for ease of use.

Star Rating:

Bottom Line
Perfect for trauma emergencies, this compact kit has the supplies necessary to treat a patient in a prehospital setting.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Caitlin Fitzgerald

While Caitlin is currently a full-time writer, she spent the last few years on call as a Firefighter/EMT and enjoyed every minute of it. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is currently working toward an associate degree in the health sciences to enhance her EMS skills.
Caitlin Fitzgerald

1 thought on “REVIEW: ReadyMan E-FAK Emergency First Aid Kit

  1. ‘RATS’ tourniquets do NOT work well. I own two of them. They have long since been relegated by me to ‘other’ duties totally unrelated to their intended purpose.

    When someone is potentially bleeding to death, you want a proven tourniquet that has the BEST possible chance of working to stop and/or slow the blood loss (when properly applied by either the victim him/herself or the rescuer).

    With a ‘RATS’ you are only guaranteed of one thing, saying “RATS!” when you realize it is NOT working well enough. I do not understand why companies persist in selling tourniquets that are not combat and/or real world proven like the CAT or far better the SOFT/W (wide version). Seriously, do you have a bunch of RATS sitting around that won’t sell, and are therefore including them in civi kits? You realize that this is a life saving item, right?

    Respectfully, you should revisit this item, thoroughly. ASK combat medics what they think about RATS – medics who have actually watched people bleed out. Ask them. Then extirpate all of your RATS. Because that is what intelligent people do when they know there is a rat living in their house, let alone a RAT in their EFAK.

    I am a former EMT-B, former EMT-I, former Wilderness EMT (delayed prolonged transport environments). I taught emergency medical skills and techniques in a health science university setting for over a decade. I practiced emergency medicine in remote environments for more than 1200 field days. Remember the second rule of first aid kits? Thou shalt throw out anything in your kit that does not work well. And I am sure you know the first rule.

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