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Since I stopped wearing a uniform to work I’ve become a big fan of polo shirts. They’re reasonably smart, but as comfortable as a T-shirt. I don’t like wearing long sleeves if I can avoid it and the collar gives me something to fiddle with while I’m working, so polos are pretty much ideal. It helps that I have a load of them; I bought about two dozen fake Lacoste ones while I was in Kabul, and most of them are still in one piece.

Some of them are starting to get a bit scruffy though, so I jumped at the chance to try a couple of better quality polo shirts by Propper. They have quite a few to choose from and I ended up with a short-sleeve Snag Free Polo and a Performance Polo. Considering they’re both polo shirts, there are a lot of differences between them – but they’re both excellent bits of gear and certainly several steps above the rest of my collection.

Snag Free Polo

ICE PoloMy snag free polo is a nice grey one which feels really durable. The problem with most polos is that they start off looking great, but quickly start to get tatty. The knit material catches on things and shows the marks. I’m particularly bad at this, so most of my polos are covered in pilling and loops of thread. This one isn’t likely to go that way. It’s made with a mesh base covered in soft flocking to give the appearance of woven fabric, so there isn’t any actual weave to snag. Unless you’re actually crawling through razor wire in it (don’t do this) the chance of any snags is pretty remote.

It’s also very nicely finished and has some handy little extras, like a discreet double pen pocket on the left sleeve. It’s long enough to tuck in but has a plain lower hem in case you prefer to leave it out. This is an outstandingly comfortable, practical shirt.

Performance Polo

The performance polo is a totally different animal. Mine is a smart, professional-looking stone color (I’m not a beige sort of guy) that could have been tailor-made for working in a dry, dusty environment. It also comes in a variety of colors that work for greener places, law enforcement or just smart civilian wear. And you’ll be happy to wear this, because it is genuinely smart looking and also extremely comfortable.

It also has quite a few extras that make it very practical for operational wear. The fabric is a soft but tough one, very closely woven. On the left sleeve is a double pen pocket, not as discreet as the one on the Snag Free but just as handy. There’s also a button-down collar with concealed stays (which double as a handy way to secure any cables for your comms gear) and small pockets on each shoulder for clipping things to. Finally the armpits have mesh panels to make sure you stay well ventilated while you’re working.

This is a great addition to duty gear – packed with features, comfortable and hard wearing. The quality of workmanship is top class, and I certainly won’t be buying cheap polos again now that I’ve discovered these great Propper ones.

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