REVIEW: Propper Full Zip Tech Sweater

As the weather gets colder, it’s time to start thinking about outerwear that will keep you warm while providing comfort and functionality no matter where you are or what you do. The Propper Full Zip Tech Sweater is designed to do just that. Plenty of zippers and pockets ensure its versatility. The 100% polyester sweater fleece construction is sturdy and comfortable and can be worn as both a stand-alone sweater or an inner layer in a 3-in-1 setup.

About Propper

Propper, the manufacturer of this product, was founded in 1967 and has since become a household name when it comes to tactical gear. It is a brand you can depend on; its vision is to be “dedicated to equipping those who commit their lives to serving others.” A large number of people who use tactical gear for a living use the Propper brand.

Materials and Construction

The Tech Sweater definitely lives up to expectations. The stitching is solid, and the material is quality. You can feel by the weight that it is a well-made product as soon as you pick it up. As mentioned above, it is made of 100% polyester sweater fleece, which is a fantastic material. It resists water well and dries quickly, while maintaining its insulating capability.

Compared to similar sweaters, the Tech Sweater is what I would call “tactically stylish.” You can easily wear it out and about without looking like you are in full tactical mode, but at the same time, you can tell this sweater means business.

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One thing that stands out is the reinforcement on the shoulders and forearms. Even with a lot of wear and tear, this sweater will likely stick around for a long time. The reinforcement on the shoulders is “slip-resistant” to help reduce fatigue when carrying a pack for a long period of time, which is a nice touch.

Tech Sweater Features

The thing that stood out the most when putting the Tech Sweater to the test was the functionality of the pockets. Many times, sweaters or jackets go to one extreme or the other. There are either so many pockets that you don’t know what to do with them all, or there are not enough. This sweater hits the sweet spot. Not only does it have the perfect number of pockets, they are also all highly functional and easy to access. I especially liked the zippered chest pocket on the outside. It was very roomy and could fit just about anything I wanted to put in it.

I did wish the sweater had some kind of inside pocket. Since the outside chest pocket is zippered, it is probably not necessary to have an inside pocket, but sometimes, a pocket on the inside feels more secure.

One very cool feature of the Tech Sweater is the interior concealed carry weapon (CCW) passthrough that can be accessed from both sides via the hand pockets. If you like to carry with an appendix holster, this is a great way to have easy access even when bundled up. It is very subtle, and you might miss it if you were not looking for it. This is a really great touch.

Speaking of carrying a concealed weapon, the Tech Sweater also has dual side access zippers with snaps. These allow the sweater to fit comfortably around either a weapon belt or a duty belt. You can also unzip the side zippers and snap the button around the bottom of your holster if you prefer to carry open. While trying out this feature, it showed itself to be highly functional, not just added for flare. It is just another instance where Propper shows off a thorough knowledge of what tactical gear wearers really need.

Something to note is that the Tech Sweater has elastic bound cuffs. I am not a fan, as they can reduce ease of movement, but on the Tech Sweater, they were not a problem. They did not restrict movement at all and were comfortably snug, keeping the sweater well in place.

The Tech Sweater is designed to accommodate the need for various levels of warmth. It will zip into a Propper 3-in-1 Hardshell Parka, taking it from a “it’s a bit chilly outside” kind of sweater to an “it’s darn cold out there” kind of jacket. This versatility is a fantastic feature and will ensure that you get plenty of use out of your Tech Sweater.

How Did the Propper Full Zip Tech Sweater Perform?

But how does the Tech Sweater perform in the real world? I wore it on a hike in the mountains while carrying with a hip holster and wearing a daypack to see what it was really made of. I was impressed.

If the weather is chilly and you are carrying a pack and a weapon with winter clothing, you might expect to feel encumbered. However, with the Tech Sweater, this is not the case at all. The side zippers allow you to wear it with a hip holster without a problem. It holds in a good deal of warmth, while still allowing plenty of ventilation. The non-slip shoulder material made it comfortable for me to carry my pack. In fact, the fit and comfort overall were very impressive. Aside from the warmth the sweater provided, I hardly noticed that I was wearing an outer layer at all.

How does the sweater handle water? This is a middle layer and thus not designed to be 100% waterproof. But the polyester sweater fleece is designed to help maintain warmth even when wet. And as an added bonus, the sweater is designed to dry out pretty quickly.

Who Needs the Propper Full Zip Tech Sweater?

Since the sweater is coming from Propper, you can rest assured that it is designed for working men. Military and police have long trusted this brand and for good reason. With that being said, this particular sweater is a great fit for anyone who likes to carry concealed without it being obvious. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors (Olive, Charcoal Gray, LAPD Navy, and Black).

Value for the Money

The Propper Full Zip Tech Sweater costs $79.99. With the kind of quality and functionality this sweater provides, this is a very good value. It is the kind of outerwear that will last for a very long time, giving you years of effective use.

Star Rating: 

Bottom Line

Comfortable, stylish, functional, the Propper Full Zip Tech Sweater is an awesome choice when the weather turns cold.

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Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.


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