REVIEW: Ironclad Stealth Grip Gloves

When you work in law enforcement, you are required to have an assortment of various supplies on hand at all times. The service weapon and duty belt get a lot of attention, but one of the most imperative pieces of gear that is often overlooked is a high quality pair of gloves. Without gloves, you leave your hands exposed to potential damage – and if your hands sustain an injury, you are unable to do your job effectively.

Ironclad GlovesWith this in mind, I recently tested a pair of heavy duty HWI gloves and found that they were great at protecting your hands with ample padding and hard knuckles, but may restrict trigger pull if you frequently handle a firearm. To that end, I decided to identify a pair of gloves that provide the protection I need while still allowing me to handle a firearm effectively. I took the Ironclad Stealth Grip Gloves out in the field to see if they meet the requirements for a law enforcement glove that can be used to fire a weapon as well.

In analyzing the gloves, I broke down my review into three categories: Features, Fit and Function.


  • Patented Diamondclad silicone-fused palm and index finger
  • Terrycloth sweat wipe on thumb
  • TPR cuff puller for ease of use
  • TPR hook and loop closure
  • Neoprene knuckles for impact protection

When I put these gloves on for the first time, my immediate impression was that they were quite comfortable and flexible. With gloves, there is a good chance that wearing them will restrict natural movement in some form; however, I did not experience that with these gloves. Made from synthetic leather, polyester and neoprene, it is easy to see why these gloves are so flexible. Polyester and neoprene are known for their lightweight flexibility and ability to keep you cool and comfortable on hot days.

Ironclad StealthWith wear in warm conditions in mind, the gloves are also made with a terrycloth sweat wipe placed on the back of the thumb on each hand. This is the natural portion of the glove that would come into contact with your face if you were to wipe sweat away from your eyes, and I found it to be quite effective and comfortable on the face as well. Assuming that you do not get the gloves exceptionally dirty, making the cloth unable to be used, this is a cool feature that you will find yourself using more than you anticipated. If you do get the gloves dirty, all materials are machine washable – making it easy to just toss them in with your other laundry.

I mentioned that the gloves felt non-restrictive and allowed me to move freely; however, one area of a glove that I want no movement in is the cuff. This is the area that seals the gloves shut and keeps any foreign substances from entering the internal portion of the gloves. In that regard, the cuff on these gloves sealed tightly and was effective at preventing the entry of unwanted contaminants. Made from TPR (thermoplastic rubber), the hook and loop closure sealed shut and did not shift during wear. Also made from TPR is a built-in cuff puller on the cuff that allows you to put the gloves on fast when needed. Initially, I thought this feature was unnecessary, but I found myself enjoying the extra grip as I pulled the gloves on. The TPR material cannot be overlooked as well. This innovative material is as durable as plastic, yet still as flexible as rubber.

For impact protection, the gloves are made with neoprene knuckles. The neoprene is decently thick and provided good protection, but it was still able to flex and move as I worked. I really enjoyed this feature. With hard knuckle gloves you get unmatched protection, but for most applications, that feature is overkill. Furthermore, many agencies view hard knuckle gloves as a liability because they can be perceived as a potential weapon instead of as a protective feature. For my money, less is more in this area, and the lightweight flexibility really allowed me to handle a weapon safely and effectively. If you are after protection without any of the bulk that some gloves provide, these are the gloves for you.

PalmFinally, the most recognizable feature of the gloves – the “Diamondclad” palm. The palm is made from synthetic leather, while the diamond pattern is silicone. The silicone provided excellent grip throughout wear. The diamond pattern is designed to eliminate unnecessary material – making the gloves light and flexible – and still provide the level of grip you would enjoy if you were to have the entire palm covered in silicone. Unfortunately, to my eye, the pattern is a bit distracting and aggressive. It is not a big deal and I understand the premise behind the design, but it is certainly bolder in appearance than some alternatives.


These gloves fit my hand expertly. I prefer my gloves to be on the tighter side, allowing me to move my hand freely while still eliminating any unnecessary bulkiness. These gloves exceeded my expectations in that regard. Internally, it was easy to move my fingers as I wanted to. At the cuff, the gloves hugged my wrist to prevent any shifting. The only issue I feel obligated to mention is the fact that I found the fingers to be marginally short. They were not so short that the gloves were unwearable, but I certainly would have preferred a little more length in the fingers. If you have exceptionally long fingers, consider purchasing a size up.


FlashlightThese gloves are made to be worn in a law enforcement or tactical setting. The color options work with most uniforms and the lightweight functionality allows you to do your job without any restriction. They are also flexible enough to safely use a firearm without issue and the lack of bulk will allow you to pull the trigger effortlessly. As an added bonus, the gloves are not billed as being touchscreen-compatible, but I tested it out and I found that they worked superbly. If you handle a smartphone or iPad regularly while on patrol, these will work without the need to take them off for use of those devices. Also included for free with the gloves was a handy Nebo 50 lumen flashlight with a glassbreaker front end – furthering the idea that functionality in the law enforcement or tactical fields is ideal.

The Ironclad Stealth Grip Gloves have exceeded my expectations, so I feel comfortable endorsing this product for wear while on duty. Check them out and see for yourself.

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  1. Excellent review! After having owned several pairs of ironclad glove variations, I’m a big supporter of their products. The new stealth grip gloves will definitely be added to my collection.

  2. i really like the way you discuss the gloves quality and performance. can you share some more companies gloves with the customer so its more convenient for them to choose the right one. one more suggestion is that you can also add the ebay and amazon reviews in your write up .

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