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If you work in law enforcement, you know that having a quality pair of gloves on hand at all times is essential. Whether you need to protect your hands from sharp objects or hazardous substances, gloves are an absolute must. With the influx of technology into the workplace, from iPads to smartphones and more, there is also an increasing need for gloves to be compatible with touchscreen devices. The HWI Hard Knuckle Touch Screen Duty Gloves were built to protect your hands from a host of hazards and also work with all devices in the field. I recently took the gloves out into the field to see how they performed. I will break down the gloves based off of criteria in three categories: Features, Fit and Function.


  • Touchscreen-capable synthetic leather on fingertips
  • Clarino synthetic leather palm
  • Ergonomic abrasion-resistant palm reinforcement
  • Moisture-wicking knit material on the back of the hand is durable and flexible
  • Hard knuckle and finger padding design provides excellent protection
  • Neoprene cuff with hook and loop closure provides a snug fit

The first thing I noticed when I put these gloves on for the first time was the padding. I have worn plenty of gloves, and numerous with built-in padding or insulation, but these felt different. I felt as though there was a significant amount of padding to protect my hand, but the glove never felt bulky. It felt like each finger was individually wrapped with padding for my protection, instead of feeling as though the glove was padded in bulk. This was my favorite feature by far. I never felt like my hands were exposed to harm.

HWIAside from the padding, the sheer amount of abrasion-resistant material really stood out to me. The gloves have abrasion resistant palms, knuckles, and fingers. I tested the hard knuckles against impact and came away impressed. Not only do these knuckles protect from the outside, but they also protect from inside. I noticed a significant amount of padding beneath the knuckles and this helped to protect my hand internally. I was tasked with testing these gloves fully, so I also tested the heavy duty palm by grabbing the sharp end of a knife. I do not recommend doing this yourself, but in the interest of fully testing the gloves I went ahead and did it. The gloves did not sustain any damage as I tested both palms.

Most of the country is experiencing a pretty decent heat wave at the time of this writing, so, luckily, I was able to test the gloves in hot weather. These gloves are billed as having a moisture-wicking knit material on the back portion of the glove, so I was able to test this feature. I found that the gloves were quite comfortable to wear in warm weather and performed as advertised. Anything that is black in color and exposed to sunlight will heat up faster than lighter colors, so naturally these gloves felt warm to the touch after wear. Internally, though, my hands were cool and comfortable for the most part. I have no complaints in this regard.

I also tested to see whether the gloves actually worked with a touchscreen phone and found that they did. This is not the first time that I have worn a pair of gloves that were advertised as being compatible with touchscreens, but these gloves worked better than the alternatives. I often find that the fingertip coverings never perform 100% of the time – especially when they get wet or dirty. The fingertip coverings on these gloves performed well.

Finally, I analyzed the neoprene cuff with hook and loop closure. Easily overlooked, this is an essential part of every tactical glove. If the cuff closure fails, the glove will not fit well and it also leaves your hand susceptible to hazardous substances. The closure on these gloves latched securely but still remained comfortable. With enough room to breathe without leaving my hand vulnerable to entry from outside substances, I felt that the latch was exactly what a closure on gloves should be. Overall, I found it difficult to be critical of these gloves. Simply put: they perform.


HWI GlovesThe gloves fit my hand perfectly, but there is more to fitting than just matching the size of your hand. In my opinion, to fit correctly you must be able to function effectively while wearing the gloves. I found that I had a full range of motion while wearing the gloves and I did not struggle to move any fingers individually. The back of the gloves also have a flexible material that has some give to it, so I was able to work uninhibited. These gloves passed the fit test with flying colors.


I found the gloves to be best suited for a tactical environment that does not require the frequent handling of a firearm. These would be great for standard patrol and would function effectively if you were forced to draw your weapon, but if you plan to frequently handle a firearm, there are better, lighter options available. The padding is great for protection, but it may slightly restrict trigger pull over a long period of time in comparison to alternatives. The bottom line is this though: take these out on patrol with you, and you will have no worries whatsoever.

The HWI Hard Knuckle Touch Screen Duty Gloves are comfortable, functional and made to last; check them out today!

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