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REVIEW: G1 Tru-Spec Poncho from Five Star Gear

The weather can be tough to predict, and it only gets trickier when you’re stationed in an unfamiliar locale and don’t have access to your full wardrobe. For on-the-fly response to worsening conditions, the Tru-Spec Military Digital Poncho is a necessity.

Bagged individually and able to be compressed down to a compact, backpack-friendly size, this poncho by Tru-Spec is available in various digital camouflage patterns. Customers can choose from a traditional woodland scheme or the ACU version to complement the Army Combat Uniform. This poncho is designed to fit nearly any operative and includes a built-in hood, which features a drawstring closure to lock out wind and rain.

About Tru-Spec/Atlanco

Tru-Spec is a branch of the Atlanco company, which has been privately held since 1950. Atlanco prides itself on being one of the leading suppliers of materials, equipment, and uniforms for the military, law enforcement, and public safety markets.

Since its founding, the Atlanta-based distributor has been run by the Zaglin family and is a pioneer in the production of quality manufactured goods. Thousands of police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and military personnel depend on Atlanco.

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The company moved beyond military surplus back in the late 1980s, as civilians started to ask for military-style apparel and gear. While the company still buys and sells government surplus, the brand has also moved into the public safety sector. In 1996, the company launched the Tru-Spec brand to respond to trends and demands of the market.

Materials and Construction

The Tru-Spec military poncho arrives in a container not much larger than a pack of DVDs or a folded shirt. The small pouch features the pixelated camouflage along with an image of the poncho and the name, G1 Spec Military Poncho. A draw-string closes and opens the pouch, which also has a small tag on it.

The G1 Spec Military Poncho comes from the Urban Survival Gear section of Five Star Gear. The company describes the poncho like this:

  • Heavyweight with waterproof rip-stop material
  • Two snaps on each side for increased protection from the elements
  • Built-in drawstring hood
  • Grommets in each corner for use as emergency shelter or ground cover
  • 56’’ by 90’’

The poncho is lightweight, durable, and true to description. It provides adequate cover in inclement weather. There’s also enough room for the poncho to be worn over a heavy jacket or a backpack.

Review of Features

“It’s great—exactly what I wanted,” wrote a verified buyer in his review. Indeed, the poncho is exactly as described. If you’ve ever had a poncho, the Tru-Spec is exactly what you’re expecting. The fabric is lightweight, yet heavy duty. The drawstrings are tough and adjustable with plastic stops. The hood of the poncho covers the head but doesn’t restrict the view for individuals in the field.

Performance Review

While wearing the poncho in the rain, no water slipped through and my gear and clothing remained dry. It’s easy to put the Tru-Spec military poncho on and off when moving between wet and dry locations.

It’s a bit hard to reach gear in the backpack area while keeping it dry, but there is enough room in the poncho to get it done. For the most part, however, it’s best to keep necessary gear like a sidearm on the hip or in tactical pockets.

Overall, the poncho is waterproof, durable, lightweight, easy to wear, and comfortable. When forced to be in rough positions or inclement weather, it’s a necessity.


Who Should Buy the Tru-Spec Poncho?

The Tru-Spec Poncho from Five Star Gear is perfect for anyone in the military, but also for anyone forced to work in inclement weather. The folded, bagged poncho can be easily stored in a vehicle or bag. The poncho can be used by both men and women and is one-size-fits-most.

Value for the Money

The average MSRP for this product is $29.95. The buyer has two camo options: ACU Digital and Woodland Digital. The poncho is worth the money because it does the job it’s made to do – and sometimes, staying dry is priceless. Get your very own Tru-Spec Poncho today.

Bottom Line

I give this poncho 5 stars. Someone looking for something thicker may want a more durable option, but it’s perfect for the average user who’s trying to stay dry no matter what the weather is like.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.


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