REVIEW: Condor Colossus Duffle

The 161 Condor Colossus Duffle is Condor’s modern, updated take on the traditional Seabag – or duffle if you’ve never served afloat. The Seabag of old was truly a carry-all; three feet in length, with a wide mouth opening, a carry handle and two shoulder straps, it was designed to do one thing – carry everything you owned. Problem was everything you owned was stuffed into one bag. Wet, dry, dirty or clean, it was stuffed, stacked and cramped on top and inside of each other. No way to get to anything except rut around or dump it out.

The Colossus aims to fix that.

Although it has an overall slightly smaller size ( 26”L x 10”H x 12” D) than a standard duffle, Condor has made up for this by adding an additional end compartment, two internal mesh pouches, two full-length side pockets, and an end pocket. By properly utilizing this compartmentalization, the user can both protect specific gear and insure storage can be arranged for quick access.

Condor Colossus Duffle Review

My field test involved packing for a 5-day trip.

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Trousers and shirts for both on duty and off, socks, skivvies and an extra pair of shoes all stowed away in the main compartment with enough room left over for my laptop. Plus, the U-shaped zipper allowed full, unrestricted access to the main compartment.

The internal mesh pockets, found on the inside of the main compartment cover, provided easily accessible and secure storage of power cords and travel documents – both of which I would need to retrieve without digging through a week’s worth of gear.

The side pockets are also conveniently located for storage of items you may wish to access while on the road, again without the need to access the main compartment. For my trip I used these compartments to store other necessities – snacks, reading material and my iPad. Once I reached my destination, I also used these compartments to store receipts and other travel report paperwork.

My favorite feature was by far the expandable end compartment, also accessible via a u-shaped zipper and able to be expanded into the main compartment. Originally designed to store large items, such as extra boots, I found it a perfect fit for my shower kit as it not only provide the necessary space but also allowed potentially wet or messy items such as shampoo or toothpaste to be secured separate from my uniform items. Not a big deal unless the ever present Murphy strikes and decides to redecorate.

Of course, once I had my weeks’ worth of belongings safely stowed, I needed to be able to get it where I was going. One of the biggest disadvantages of the old day seabag was that once it was filled, it could double as an anchor and was equally difficult to carry. Not so with the Colossus. Three carry options include standard handle with velco closure, an adjustable shoulder strap, and a padded backpack strap – the latter two which can be stored in a hideaway compartment in the outside of the main compartment lid, also padded for extra comfort when carrying back pack style. Drag handles on either end allowed for easy removal from luggage compartments.

Finally, the bottom of the bag is covered with a PVC coated fabric which I found especially useful when I needed to set the bag down in a rain soaked parking lot while retrieving my room keys.

After 5 days on the road I was more than happy to be home, but without the normal stress caused by living out of a bag.

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Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.


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