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Reflecting on Our Impact – The VFW National Homes for Children

As we approach Memorial Day and prepare to honor those who served and fell in the line of duty, it’s important that we remember the daily efforts conducted by veteran organizations and charities to raise money and a helping hand for the families of those brave men and women. Americans revere their military service members today, a fact that is easy to take for granted. Yet only 50 years ago, veterans were at-worst accosted and at-best forgotten as they returned home from Vietnam, resulting in an epidemic of mental health and adjustment ailments. Today, over 45,000 veteran-devoted nonprofits are registered with the IRS, working tirelessly to campaign for veteran’s rights and charities, a duty that continues long past their time spent in uniform.

VFW National Homes for Children

One such organization that I’ve been acquainted with recently is the VFW National Homes for Children, an organization whose history is as impactful as the work it does today. The VFW National Homes for Children was founded in the wake of WWI as a place where mothers and children could remain together. A young woman named Amy Ross inspired the idea through her actions, successfully working to find gainful work to 9,000 unemployed veterans in 1923. Although she would not live to see the fruition of her work, cattleman-millionaire Corey Spencer would present 472 acres near Eaton Rapids, MI to VFW upon hearing about Ross’s efforts and the needs of the VFW. The National Home was born.

Expanded Mission

Today, the VFW National Homes for Children serves a broader range of families than in its original charter but still maintains the value of keeping military and veteran families together while recovering from the horrors of war. 42 single-family homes are available for up to four years for eligible military families. The campus consists of a library and computer lab and hosts summer enrichment and education programs to help kids who have suffered loss from foreign wars. Their goal is to make sure that these families have the best chance at healing.

Sometimes the homefront can be as impactful as the battlefront. When reflecting this Memorial Day, take some time to remember those who work every day to make sure the struggles of our veterans don’t fall through the cracks. The vigilance of men and women at organizations like the National Home helps to make sure that the best people our country has to offer to get the best treatment our country has to offer, giving back one dollar and prayer at a time.

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