Questions to Never Ask a Veteran

Let’s just start this one out strong. “Did you ever kill anybody?” Really? Why is this still even a thing? First of all, this is just outright rude and inventive and second, you could really trigger a veteran. So many vets deal with accepting and letting go of the fact that they had to take another life. Sure, depending on the job, you either selected or got assigned (depending on your branch) you had a different chance of seeing combat. Still, you could send someone right back into a spiral downfall they just got over. Do you really want that on your conscience? Then again if you are asking you don’t have one just laying around. Is there a way to make this question illegal?

What was it like to kill someone?” Logically the next question, if you can ask this you sure are lucky to not have gotten knocked out for asking if a vet has killed someone. Just as egregious as even asking if life was taken. This question can sometimes come up first but it is usually by someone anti-military but that is a story for another time.

The next is not necessarily bad, but asking what job we had could open up one of two can of worms. One where we never shut up and tell you literally everything we did during on a day to day basis down to the second and another where a slew of hatred ensues because we chose something or were assigned something that was totally not what we were thinking it would be.

“What was it like?” Not a bad question to ask – just one you want to really think about. You will either get why it is so amazing to be in the service or you will hear about all the shortcomings and mistakes. Really though most of the time this one ends up being a coaching session depending on if you are asking because you want to join. Either persuading you not to join or to join.

Before asking a veteran any question, just ask YOURSELF one question — How would you feel if someone asked you these questions? This could be the difference to whether you live or die, or leave the conversation pulling your hair out because we didn’t ever shut up.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Angelo Pisa

Angelo grew up in California before enlisting in the United States Army in the summer of 2013. After an unfortunate injury, he left the Army in December of 2014. He now spends his time running two growing businesses and is in the process of starting another. His hobbies include sports, anything automotive and firearms.
Angelo Pisa

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6 thoughts on “Questions to Never Ask a Veteran

  1. In time, the questions you pose should not be problematic as long as it is understood the veteran has the right to refuse a reply.
    How the question is conveyed is more discerning and why the question is warranted.

  2. Thank you, Angelo, for your article, and thank you for your service! I think you are on target with stupid or insensitive questions. Most people who have never had a connection to anyone in the military have no idea about the difficulty and sacrifice endured by those who serve. On the other side, people who would ask such questions are seeking conflict and/or attempting to shame and condemn those who have given so much. God bless you and please continue to educate the public about such matters!

  3. Seriously, you can’t accept the freedom of speech? Obviously not since the only “people” who attack the 1st amendment are the ones who say fake-news every time they hear something they don’t like. This is no different. You call yourselves “heros” and “patriots” (pretend patriots, mostly), claiming that you’ve done more for this country than anyone else, emulating your fascist buddy; the great orange traitor. And yet you can’t accept when someone asks you stupid questions? I work in customer service, and I have to listen to stupid questions everyday from worthless scum-suckers who think that because they are NRA (nazis) or former military that they are better than everyone else. Well, I see most military as decent people, but I find all republicans to be just like your buddy Flynn; absolute traitors to the ideas of America. And I take great pleasure knowing the vast majority of you are going to burn in hell with the rest of the child molesters, rapists, meth addicts and hypocrite christians. The 2nd protects the 1st, and all of the traitors who shout “fake news” at real facts are attacking the 1st amendment, and therefor, a clear and present threat to the constitution.

    1. 😂😂😂 Get a load of OMEGA. Your whole agrugement on 1st amendement is stepping right back on mine for righting the article, so applause to you! No one cares about your “customer service” job we all know that really means Walmart. Why don’t you stop sniffing glue with you uncle dad and get a life. P.S. I’m okay with going to hell cause I already saddled up the devil and made him my bitch! P.P.S your sister wife is staying with me 😉

      To everyone else who enjoys the reading content thank you for taking it for what it is and not making it into something it doesn’t have to be!

    2. This comment is the best! To think, you represent the kind, the accepting, and the tolerant. Why do you even bother to read articles posted like these given the way you feel? Do you do it just to get some sort of reaction so that you can argue politics that have nothing to do with the written material? I’m just curious. I’m not posting to argue, nor am I am I trying to illicit a negative response. As a veteran myself, I can say that these sorts of questions that can be asked of you equate to asking anyone who has been through a tramatic experience to revisit the events.. This is the take away, if your sister was a victim of molestation or rape, would want someone, anyone who was not solicited to ask them, asking your sibling what it felt like raped or molested, or how it made them feel, or to re-live the experience? Probably not.

  4. My comment is addressed to Patriot Tactical. I generally enjoy your blogs, or at least find them interesting, but I can’t understand why you publish this “author”. In addition to his obviously poor writing skills (see his response to comments above), he attempts to provide advice about military topics despite being obviously unqualified. He comes across as angry and bitter, and certainly doesn’t represent the thousands of military personnel I have known over the years.

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