Punishments of the Forces: Special Warfare

These punishments are by a little less out of the box and extremely trying. They are designed to weed out the weak. Fewer eyes watching means NCOs can get away with a little more than usual. Everything about special forces units is special, even the punishments. If you’ve ever watched videos online, documentaries or even an inside look they are usually pretty accurate. Most of the time it is dialed back to keep the sensitive ones at bay.

Chinese Yard Sale

No, not a Chinese Fire Drill… not even close. This one is something far worse and not something you would do with your bodies to get a good laugh. Imagine taking everything in your room and putting it all outside. Sometimes it is even required to be set up just like your room would be which means you have to remember where you placed everything. The heavy stuff is left out sometimes, and sometimes it is included. Yes, I have heard stories from friends of having to take absolutely everything out of their rooms, locker, bed, desk, etc. This punishment is usually dished out for not keeping rooms clean and being just downright unsanitary.

Unit Push-ups

Doesn’t seem so bad based on the title right? Wrong. Imagine you have a whole unit of about 124 soldiers all in formation in the front leaning rest. Starting from the first rank and snaking through the formation each will do a push-up. After the final soldier does a push-up, the whole unit will do one, and that is a rep. Best to make sure you don’t forget your number or take to long to realize it is your turn because whether you are at the first rep or the second to last, you will start over. Imagine being at 14 and you were supposed to get to 15 and had to start over because someone took too long for their turn.


I don’t even know where to begin. This one will push you to the limit and test you both mentally and physically. You know those telephone poles you see made of wood? Ever wonder where the old ones go? To some SF training ground to torment those who wish to be part of the elite. Weighing in at at least 400 pounds between 4 to 5 soldiers, sailors, marines what have you that is still a lot of weight to be holding over your head, crunching with, etc.

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  1. What the hell? None of these are special group specific. These are regular army basic training type punishments. This a nice article for the people not in the military who want to act like they are…. or the people who say “I was gonna join but….”

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