Punishments of the Forces: Individual Training

You mean punishment doesn’t stop? Oh hell no! Typically the punishment isn’t going to be as harsh but it can be since you’re out of basic, not as new, and should know better. They are quite creative though. Nothing is the same all over the place, it all depends on the NCOs and the school. Over at EOD school, I know not a darn thing happened as far as punishment went because the stress was high enough as it is. You had to mess up to get dusted up.

Over at Fort Eustis which is the home of Transportation things were a bit hectic as far as what you could and couldn’t do and what freedoms you were afforded. Went from mustache and free weekends to having to earn weekends and damn near hourly formations. Bit of a step backward if you think about it.

Mopping and Sweeping Rain

I know many of you have seen this across all forms of social media and the “inter-webs”. If this were your actual unit and not training you’d be doing it in the rain like the pictures. Since it is training, they still have to follow some guidelines. You really have to mess up to get dealt a punishment that requires you to mop up the rain on the sidewalks and sweep the puddles.

Smiley Frownies

This one comes to us courtesy of some Reddit XAppartition-. What kind of name is that? Anyways, a soldier on a supposed “full body waiver” which means you literally can’t do anything strenuous. The guy got in trouble for something and was told to do 1000 smiley frownies. I could not stop laughing when I read that because it is pretty freaking creative if you ask me. The has got to be the easiest yet most difficult smoking ever because how could you keep from laughing from doing such a ridiculous task.

Ate Up Trophy

Courtesy of phoenix762 this one is hilarious. According to him in medic school they had a DS — which who knows when he went through because they don’t call them that anymore — who made soldiers who f***ed up carry a special trophy. This trophy had a dog on it for whatever reason, but you could win the prize for doing anything from marching wrong or being late. Special ceremonial formations would be held when someone was to receive the trophy. Ten pushups would be done by the one losing it and then ten by the one receiving.

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