Punishments of the Forces: Duty Station Edition

This is where things get interesting. You finally made it out of all of your training and think all the games are over. HA! They have just begun. This is where your ego gets checked good when you mess up because you should DEFINITELY know better. There are some really good stories out there if you search them up. Better to just ask your friendly neighborhood vet.

No Birthday

This Redditmes from a Reddit user whose name will not be mentioned because it would literally be all kinds of redactions. Typical Reddit. Ever mess up so bad a whole ship was rerouted just to mess with you? Well, this sailor did. According to the story, a Navy Captain sailed parallel to the International Date line until the clock struck 00:00 and the Captain snuck the ship across the line. As the user put it “tomorrow suddenly became yesterday” and the sailor didn’t have his birthday that year. Some call in to question the ridiculousness of it all. I think who cares because it is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! Could you imagine waking up in the morning thinking it is your birthday and the captain announces your crossed the International Date line?

Colt the Dog

This one comes from a coworker of mine. Both hilarious and ridiculous at the same time. Off in some Middle Eastern country, he was a platoon leader at the time. A fellow platoon leader of his comes walking up to him and asks, “Hey look, I got a new dog!” He looked and noticed his fellow Marine was dragging a rifle behind him. Come to find out someone from that PLs platoon left their rifle unattended! Really? You left your rifle unattended in country? Needless to say, he dragged that thing through the sand almost all day until that Marine noticed their rifle was gone.

Hand Pumping Tires

Also from another user on Reddit with a crazy name, seriously come on people! A Marine failed to properly inflate the tires of his artillery piece. When they made it to the field Master Gunny noticed and the Marine decided to be a wise guy and crack about the colder temperature lowering the pressure. I mean he isn’t wrong but why not just take the fall or keep your lip shut. The next day he had to take all the air out of the unit’s artillery and then fill them up with air to spec using a hand pump. If anyone asked him what he was doing he had to yell, “I AM REPLACING THE SUMMER AIR IN THE TIRES WITH FRESH WINTER AIR!” It is said to have taken him 13 hours. I would have kept asking him what he was doing just to see him yell that.

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