Punishments of the Forces: Basic Training

Long since the days of BCT or Basic Combat Training Drill Instructors and Drill Sergeants alike have been coming up with unique and outlandish punishments. Ask any vet and I can assure you that you will get some crazy story about what was commonly referred to as “stupid prizes”.

Counting Rocks

I see the cogs turning in your head and the smoke billowing out trying to come up with what this could possibly mean. Trust me when I saw it is far more hilarious than you can imagine. Yes, it does involve counting rocks however it takes it to a whole new level. After failing to be able to count some six hydration beads the DS made the private count rocks in two planter boxes and make sure they had an even number in each. Nothing like watching a lone soldier counting two sixteen-foot planters.

The Missing Weapon

I can only imagine this one is similar across all the branches. Of course, maybe not the Air Force, I know you have all seen the photos of the DS tying the private’s shoes. Anyways we were always warned to never forget our weapons and leave it with a buddy if need be. We never believed them when they said if we left ours we’d have to carry a six-and-a-half-foot dummy rifle as punishment. Then one day private so and so left their rifle and were told to go grab “Big Bertha”. When said private returned the DS exclaimed, “AHHHHH S*** YOU WINDOW LICKERS THOUGHT WE WERE KIDDING! THAT IS YOUR NEW RIFLE PRIVATE!” Private so and so was 5 feet 6 inches on a good day. He now had done everything with a six-and-a-half-foot rifle. Marching was the greatest time of the day and usually got us smoked because we couldn’t help but laugh.

Ground F***ers

One of the lesser punishments I have personally ever experienced by far. Imagine being in the front leaning rest and being told to sag in the middle then arch your back repeatedly slow and then fast and then slow and then so fast you thought you were listening to an auctioneer. This didn’t end in complete hysteria. Okay, maybe when we were made to do it with assault packs or rucks on. At least one person got knocked out or fell and bit the pavement.

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