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Product Overview: The Army Hot Weather Uniform

It’s still summer and we have a lot of it left to go. For those of you in the field or at a desk and looking for a lighter weight option, check out a few Army hot weather uniform garments from TRU-SPEC.

Army Hot Weather Coat


The TRU-SPEC Army hot weather coat is upgraded to provide a much lighter option for service men and women in both hot and wet environments. The upgrade consists of a new blend of Cordura 57% nylon and 43% cotton that provides maximum breathability, with a reinforced nylon to keep the coat abrasion resistant.

To reduce weight in the blouse, the chest pockets have been removed – they weren’t used in many instances due to the use of body armor. Some other new features on the TRU-SPEC hot weather coat is the five-button closure, a concealed six-button front placket and elbow reinforcements.

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The best feature aside from the material upgrade? The coat can go from soaking wet to dry within 60 minutes.


Army Hot Weather Pants

TRU-SPEC delivers the ultimate OCP hot weather pants. This improved hot weather combat uniform is lighter, more breathable, and it’s even more wrinkle resistant with 330D Cordura nylon reinforcements.

The pants are also 57% nylon and 43% cotton blend, which is where most of the weight reduction comes from. And while that may have created a lighter material, it still maintains a high level of durability. A key upgrade to the pants is the articulated knee area, consisting of 330 denier nylon. The knees and elbows have been upfitted to reduce bunching and prevent ripping.


TRU-SPEC has truly evolved hot weather combat uniforms into the perfect lightweight option for both hot and wet environments.


NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot NEW Garmont AR670-1 & AFI 36-2903 Compliant Boot

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