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To save the family pet, or not to save the family pet? For most of us, it’s not really a question. The furrier members of the families need to be planned for just like all the others.They also have particular needs that should be considered, a little forethought can save a lot of effort later. Dogs and cats are the most numerous household pets today, and we will be addressing particular issues that concern them.

The basics, of course, are food and water. While picking dry food over canned seems a pretty obvious choice, what kind of dry food you select can be important. We often end up choosing food for our pets based on price, how quick and easy it is to get, or simply because we have always fed the same kind of pets the same kind of food for years. Taking time to read the labels can be a good investment. While your pet and your situation are going to be unique you may want to compare brands to find the pet food that: provides the greatest number of calories, the lowest weight, the longest shelf life and provide the greatest amount of nutrition. Your pet will have to share water with you, and their needs should be considered when planning and preparing. In a pinch, you can do without a food bowl, however, a water bowl should be included. There are a large number of collapsible lightweight bowls to choose from. Keep in mind, some pets will require greater amounts of water during warm weather.

Keeping your pet’s shot and medical records up to date is a part of responsible stewardship. Medical records are important to maintain, since having them or not, may determine where you may be allowed to travel and stay. Keeping a supply of your pet’s medication is also a great idea. A great number of different situations you may cause you not to be able to obtain them for extended periods of time. Veterinarians are usually very accommodating to inquiries. You may also ask your veterinarian if they have any suggestions regarding medications or other supplies regarding your pet that they recommend you keep on hand, for instance, what first aid items or food supplements would they suggest.

If you are preparing to travel or want to keep that option available then a few extra items should be considered. Cat litter and a cat litter box are going to be necessary if traveling away from home. Kennels are going to be very advantageous, your pets may be excited and with all the other stresses and time constraints on you, you don’t need to take the time to search, and chase after the family pet. If you have a route chosen prior to traveling, it would save time if you called ahead and confirmed a couple of different lodging options where pets are welcome.
It will save time to prepare to care for, and if necessary to travel with your pet before the need arises. A few simple preparations can save you the time and attention you may require elsewhere when significant events present themselves.

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Robert Schwenk

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