Preparing for the Future: Our Children

It has been said that we do not inherit this earth from our ancestors, but that we borrow it from our children. With this thought in mind, we must leave an earth for our children that is better than the earth we were given. One of the pieces that is often forgotten about when we talk about leaving a better world, though, is the children themselves. As parents, our primary job is to raise children that are ready for the world and ready to take care of others. So, how do we do that? Skills training is one of the biggest answers. By making sure our children grow up to be self-sufficient adults, the burden will be lessened on them and those around them. These skills do not care if the child is a boy or girl. These skills do not care of sexual preference, nor do they care about economic status or political affiliation. These skills are non-biased; either you have them and can thrive, or you do not and will struggle. So, what skills are we looking at?

Automotive Skills: This does not mean being a mechanic, but it does mean being able to change a tire, check fluids, and do basic maintenance on a vehicle. Should they grow up to choose to rely on Triple A, then so be it, but they will never be stranded and waiting for a tow truck because of the lack of training and ability.

Sewing: Again, nothing here calls for being a seamstress or tailor, but the ability to keep clothes free of holes and tears is useful. Add to that the ability to make curtains for the home, recover a couch cushion, or stitch closed a torn blanket and this skill pays for itself.

ChildrenCooking: The ability to feed yourself with quality food can never be over stated. From wooing a potential future spouse to avoiding the high costs of restaurants, the ability to cook goes a long way to making a healthy life that tastes good.

Hunting: This is a rapidly dying skill that should be moved back to the front burner. Inherent in this skill are the skills of shooting, bushcraft, wildlife preservation, wilderness preservation, and firearms safety. This is less of a specific skill than it is a combination of critical skills that will provide the ability to maintain food in the home no matter the financial status of that home. It provides the ability to defend against attackers, as the ability to shoot and the maintenance of firearms is born into this combination of skills to make hunter. No matter the situation our children as future adults are faced with, they will not be forced to go hungry.

First-Aid: Many of these skills above have the potential to cause injuries. Even if they are never hurt performing these skills, an unfortunate truth is that our children will be injured at some point in their lives, whether it be a small cut or broken bone, we cannot say. Either way, with first aid skills, they can treat a variety of injuries, not only ones they have sustained, but injuries sustained by those around them.

Cleaning: Those who have gone to college or have joined the armed forces has met that guy or gal that had no clue how to even do the basics in regards to maintaining a clean space. It may seem like a given, but the number of people who cannot do laundry, wash dishes, scrub a bathroom, or keep a refrigerator free of spoiled goods is amazing. It can be easy to overlook this skill, as basic as it is, so we must ensure that our children have learned it well.

Compassion: Without compassion, all of these skills are wasted. Without compassion, we have failed to raise citizens of this nation, but have rather created burdens of society.

Strength: As important as compassion is, our children must know that there is a line between compassion and weakness. Our children must be able and willing to defend themselves and to stand up for their rights. By combining compassion and strength, our children will be capable of standing up for others rather than be the bully and will avoid being the bullied.

With this basic list of skills, our children can be the future that we hope for and will be all the more prepared to impart this knowledge onto their children, creating a cycle of knowledge that breaks the cycle that has been created of dependence and weakness that plagues us today.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Seth Belt

Seth grew up in Southern Arizona before joining the U.S. Navy. While serving in the Navy, Seth was an anti-narcotics operator and an anti-submarine operator for 5 years. He was lucky enough to travel to many of the Central and South American countries, as well as visiting many South East Asian nations and islands. One of Seth’s greatest joys from his time in the Navy was teaching new Sailors firearms education and safety. After leaving the Navy in 2010, Seth returned to Arizona and had a rough time learning how to be a civilian again, often working jobs that could barely pay the bills. After going to school, Seth became an Emergency Medical Technician in the Phoenix Valley, where he now lives with his wife and son.His areas of knowledge cover military, firearms, and emergency medicine.
Seth Belt

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