REVIEW: Phone Skope: The Spotting Companion

Ever come across the coveted 10 point buck, but no one believes you even though you took a photo next to it? I wouldn’t even believe myself. No need to fret though, Phone Skope has you covered. Designed to fit a MULTITUDE of phones, the 5th/6th generation iPod touch and GoPro Hero 3+, 4 and 5. The company sells an adapter for a dang Blackberry! Now you can record that miracle shot and silence the haters. What about the 1000 yard plink you just nailed? I’d rather not have to walk all the way out to hit record on the GoPro or even risk hitting hit when sending lead down rang considering the wide angle of the GoPro doesn’t really allow for you to place it too far from your subject.

You don’t even have to attach it to a spotting scope if you don’t want. Adapters are sold for monoculars, binoculars, and range finders. You could attach it to a telescope if you so felt the need to. Moonshot much? Or maybe you’re trying to kill the North Korean dictator from your couch. Likely story but doubtful.

With the size of phones increasing the usefulness of this item becomes supreme. No more are the days of straining your eyes. Instead of using that small eyepiece just slap on that dandy iPhone 7 Plus you have already in your pocket. Now you can eat and easily keep an eye out for the record breaker. Maybe even Livestream it like all the other trendy folk out there.

Maybe you’re not into all that and just want to use it to film little Sally dance or Junior’s baseball game. Shmuck. Just kidding, this would be an awesome way to allow those grandparents who are miles away join in the fun.

Made from durable ABS plastic these things are made to last. The Phone Skope consists of “case” which holds your selected recording device and the adapter ring. The adapter ring is specific to the magnification device being used but the cool part is if you have other devices you’d like to use you can. So, when the wife calls to find out when you’ll be home but you don’t want to miss a moment, you can pull your phone off and swap in the GoPro. Each item is sold separately but you are looking at between $80 to $100 total. If you don’t have it you need it. If you think you don’t get the heck out. No, I love you… but seriously what are you thinking? Even grandma needs this. Then you won’t have to tell her what the menu says.

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Angelo Pisa

Angelo Pisa

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