Philippine President Duterte Softening On US Weapon Purchases

The US military has a long history with the Philippine islands and its people. Not all of it has been good, some would say. Tensions have escalated recently between Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and the US over a variety of topics, one of which is whether or not Duterte will continue to acquire weapons from the US or turn to China or Russia for its arsenal, both of which have been courting the new president as they seek to gain a foothold in that region. On November 9, President Duterte said that he will leave the decision up to his military commanders.

philippines-mapSince taking office in June, Duterte has railed against the US, the UN, and the EU. Most of this was in response to his hard-line crackdown on drug dealers in his country. It has become somewhat common for local authorities, and some of the populace, to punish alleged drug dealers, and users, on the spot, without trials. In some cases, those caught have been killed within days, or hours, of capture. These actions have brought on condemnations of human-rights abuses from many, including the US.

During all of this, Duterte has said that he intends to scale-back ties with the US military. This would include, he said a few months back, ending certain combat exercises that normally take place on the islands, and ending weapons buying arrangements between the two. It was also during all of this that Duterte said he would entertain offers from China and Russia.

Now, Duterte is saying that he will send his military advisers to China and Russia to see what they have to offer, but also said that he will leave the decision up to them as to whether or not purchases will be made. The US has said that it has not received any formal notifications from the Philippines about changing relationships with the islands and said it hopes to continue its alliance with the Philippines.

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Robert Partain

Robert Partain

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Robert Partain

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