Paying the Price

With both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions behind us, the presidential campaign is in full swing. Both parties are doing their best to build up their own candidates and tear down their opponents. It doesn’t take long before the rhetoric, absurd statements and out-and-out lies would make anyone with any sense shake their head and quote William Shakespeare.

“A plague on both your houses.”

Presidential politics in the United States haven’t been about public service for decades. Harry Truman was the last president that left the White House poorer than when he went in and the potential for former presidents making obscene amounts of money has grown exponentially since the 1980s.

Even Jimmy Carter got richer.

However, there are easier ways to make money. Influencing the course of US and, by virtue of power, world history seems to be the overriding reason that most of these unprepared, unskilled and unrepentant self-promoters run for the office. It takes a huge amount of arrogance to believe that one person has the answer to all of the problems and issues that this country faces.

At this point in the campaign, that arrogance is taking over.

ClintonSince the conventions nominated two of the most flawed candidates for president that have ever existed, the concept that they are correct and everyone else is wrong seems to be grabbing them by the brain stem and shaking any common sense from them. I don’t care if you support Clinton or Trump, both of them are acting like they are dictators in training and that this country somehow should allow them to say the most outrageous things and get away with it.

Whether it is Clinton waxing philosophically about her involvement with the ethically challenged foundation that she runs or Trump shooting his mouth off about the current president being a “founder” of ISIS, the two candidates are showing all of us just how insulated their egos have become from everyday common sense.

Everyone knows that Hillary has the ethics of her husband, without Bubba’s charm. Everyone also knows that The Donald is a conceited blowhard with delusions of grandeur. The only two people in the world who don’t seem to know it are the candidates.

The losers in this election are the voters who have nothing but disgust for the system that nominated these two caricatures into running for the highest office in the United States. This country would have done better by having a lottery where the winner is thrown into the office and forced to fend for themselves for four years. The mistakes made by the lottery winner would have been mitigated by the self-awareness that they were not presidential material.

Just like the two candidates that we have.

So, a plague on both your houses and we, the American public will have to pay the price until the parties fix the nomination system that foisted these two buffoons on the American electorate when a strong, honest person is what is needed in the White House.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the authors own and do not reflect the policies of U.S. Patriot Tactical.

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