Paris in Flames – What Do You Do When the Naysayers are Right?

My heart goes out to the citizens of Paris and France that have just suffered the worst attack on their home soil since the Second World War. My mind, on the other hand, can’t help but wonder why this attack was so successful.

It isn’t like the French – as well as the Germans, Dutch, Italians and everyone else who has taken in Syrian refugees – weren’t warned that this was coming. The possibility that the Islamic State would take advantage of the relaxed borders and chaos in the refugee camps was expected and supposed to have been planned for.

Obviously, it wasn’t.

The only time that hindsight is worthwhile is when you can avoid a similar fate. The United States is in the process of taking in at least 10,000 Syrian refugees. At the time of the Paris attacks, the first of those refugees were already in New Orleans. Even as the scale of the tragedy was being assessed, the current administration has said they will not only continue to accept Syrian refugees but that the number will increase.

Syrian Refugees“We can’t just shut our doors to those people.”  Ben Rhodes, the National Security Advisor, said on Meet the Press on Sunday, “We need to sort out how to focus on the terrorists that we need to keep out of the country. But I think we do need to do our part to take those refugees who are in need.”

Although the sentiment behind the decision is laudable, sorting out the terrorists from true refugees is not an easy task. Many of the claims are not independently verifiable and even James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence said, “We don’t obviously put it past the likes of ISIL to infiltrate operatives among these refugees.”

And that is the crux of the problem. Intelligence and customs officials assume that terrorists are going to attempt to infiltrate, but they can only do so much in this kind of a situation. There are too many refugees and not enough information to do more than make an educated guess for some of these people.

“If I was in charge of ISIL, logistically I’d take advantage of this situation and put my people in, into the United States,” Jim Bernazzani, New Orleans FBI chief and anti-terrorism expert, said. “Now with that said, the FBI is on top of this big time with our Joint Terrorism Task Force and we have what’s called a Terrorist Screening Center that these individuals will be run through.”

So far, the War on Terror has been fought between radical Muslims who are not afraid to lie, cheat and kill to attain their goals and a complacent West which is more concerned with coddling college kids and lauding the heroism of attention whores than preserving our values. We are fighting this war with one hand tied behind our back and our enemies know that our governments aren’t taking it seriously.

We are on the wrong course. We will lose this war and more cities in the West will follow Paris in flames.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

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