Our Favorite Oakley Women’s Sunglasses

Finding the right women’s military sunglasses can be challenging. You need all the technology standard tactical sunglasses offer, and designed to fit a woman’s face. Thankfully, Oakley has answered the call. The women’s line is full of their cutting-edge technology, and they’re so stylish you’ll want to wear them every day.

Oakley Lens Technology 

When it comes to lens technology, you can’t get much better than Oakley. They’ve baked some of that technology into their women’s line.


Prizm™ technology is part of the Oakley SI technology designed specifically for the military. It enhances details by fine-tuning colors and making everything look vivid and vibrant. The result is that you’re able to see nuances that would normally be missed by the naked eye. This technology is a great choice for shooting or for any activity on the water.

Prizm™ Polarized 

Prizm™ Polarized technology takes Prizm™ technology to the next level and adds polarization to reduce glare and add contrast. It’s a great choice for work on the water, for law enforcement officers, and even for everyday use.

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O Matter™

O Matter™ is the lightweight plastic that Oakley uses in a lot of their frames. According to Oakley, it’s twice as strong as acetate and 25 percent lighter. Thanks to its strength, it’s also more impact resistant, which makes it great for military applications.


Unobtanium® is the name for the technology Oakley uses for the rubber nose pieces on many of their glasses. It’s specially designed to be slip-resistant, no matter how sweaty you get, so it’s a great choice for military, law enforcement, or sports enthusiasts.

Our favorite Oakley women’s sunglasses use some combination of these technologies, which is part of what makes them so great.

oakley womens sunglassesOakley SI Women’s Feedback Sunglasses 

Oakley SI Women’s Feedback Sunglasses work both in the field and around town thanks to their availability in Prizm™ Polarized lenses for increased color and contrast or glare-free HDPolarized lenses. The aviator style looks great both at work and for everyday wear and the Ultra-lightweight C-5™ Alloy Frame makes them comfortable for all day use.

oakley polarized womensSI Moonlighter Women’s Sunglasses 

Retro meets modern in the SI Moonlighter Women’s Sunglasses. The 80s-era silhouette is decked out with technology like an O Matter™ frame, non-slip Unobtainium® nose pads, and Prizm™ lens. These glasses are great for everyday wear and are available in prescription strength.

oakley womens unstoppableWomen’s Unstoppable™ Sunglasses 

There’s more to life than work. And when we’re out enjoying the trails or the beach, we love the Women’s Unstoppable™ Sunglasses. They feature Oakley’s lightest, thinnest frame ever so they’re incredibly comfortable. They also use Unobtanium® nose grips so you know they’ll stay put even if you’re out tearing up the trails.

They come in both black and a tortoise shell pattern, so it’s easy to find one that fits with your style.

oakley womens blacksideOakley’s SI Women’s Cohort Blackside Collection Sunglasses 

Oakley’s SI Women’s Cohort Blackside Collection Sunglasses are a stylish pair of sunglasses that easily double as military eyewear. They feature Prizm™ Polarized technology, which is designed to reduce light transmission and increase contrast and color, giving you superior visual acuity in bright light conditions. These glasses are the perfect uniform upgrade.

Plan ahead and start upgrading your uniform with the right eyewear today.

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