Obama Says NATO Is Key to Security

During a talk from the Oval Office, President Obama said that NATO continues to be “the linchpin” of America’s security policy. He said this on April 4, stating that NATO remains a critical ally in the fight against terrorism. Some believe he made these statements to counter remarks made by Republican Donald Trump who recently said that NATO is obsolete and not performing its missions. NATO is 67 years old.

Obama was being visited by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The President went on to praise how well the alliance has been doing in fighting against the Islamic State group. He also praised the alliance for its work with refugee assistance in Europe and with its partnership in Afghanistan.

NATO“NATO continues to be the linchpin, the cornerstone of our collective defense and U.S. security policy,” Obama said. Recently, Trump said that he would force member partners to pay more and would break up the alliance if they did not do so.

President Obama spoke also on the crisis being formed in Europe as more refugees seek entrance into various countries there. “This is obviously a tumultuous time in the world. Europe is a focal point of a lot of these stresses and strains in the global security system. It is because of the strength of NATO … that I’m confident that despite these choppy waters we will be able to continue to underscore and underwrite the peace and security and prosperity that has been a hallmark of the trans-Atlantic relationship.”

Stoltenberg also defended the alliance, saying it is “as important as ever.” He went on to say: “NATO has been able to adapt to a more dangerous world,” he said, adding that NATO has already started training Iraqi soldiers.

The President also said that he has already proposed increasing Pentagon spending for troops in Europe. This is in response to Russian aggression in Syria, Ukraine, and other locations.

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Robert Partain

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