Obama Not Worried Trump Will Dismantle NATO

On November 14, President Obama announced that he will be traveling to Europe, and said that during this trip he will let NATO countries know that he does not believe that President-elect Trump will make any big changes to the alliance. Obama said that he believes that Trump is committed to maintaining NATO, even though Trump said he would reform NATO if certain members did not start paying their fair share.

The President will be going to Germany, Greece, and Peru. This will be Obama’s last official overseas travel.

The remarks came out during a new conference at the White House on Nov. 14, and also included the President’s take on Trump’s plans to dismantle the Iranian nuclear deal that Obama and Secretary of State Kerry worked so hard on. Obama also said that it looks like he will not be able to close Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, which was one of his campaign promises a few years back.

nato-flagAs for NATO, Obama said during his remarks that he and Trump agree on maintaining a strong NATO, and that part of his trip to Europe would include telling NATO members there will be “no weakening of resolve when it comes to America’s commitment to a strong and robust NATO.”

Trump has said during his campaigning that he wants NATO members to pay their share and that the US may not come to their defense if they do not. This, of course, caused a lot of turmoil within military circles and certain NATO countries.

Of particular concern to some European leaders is Trump’s association with Russian President Putin. German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen has already said Trump needs to be careful with his dealings with Putin. “It is always good for us to remain in dialogue with Russia,” von der Leyen said just before attending a meeting in Brussels of E.U. defense ministers. “But for us it’s also important that we not forget our principles. That means that international laws should not be broken.”

The meeting of E.U. defense and foreign ministers was set up to finalize efforts that would improve European defense initiatives separate from the United States. It should be noted that these efforts were started before the election. Trump’s win seems to have only given them a greater sense of urgency.

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