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A bed and breakfast is defined as a small lodging establishment that offers accommodations and breakfast. I don’t know that a Cold War Era missile silo fits into that definition. Well near Eskridge, Kansas in Wabaunsee County, an old Atlas E Missile Silo is the sight of an Air BnB. Yes, you heard that right. For about six months now the location has been home to the first and only converted silo Air BnB.

The property was purchased by Ed and Dianna Peden back in 1994 and they built it into an underground mansion. The silo sits 33 acres and the actual “quarters” is over 18,000 square feet. According to the profile, it is described as “bohemian eclectic”. Whatever it is it seems a little creepy. Then again so many people out there are buying these properties and converting them into bunkers. Now that I think about it, it is actually kind of cool. Problem is with so many people knowing about the property now if anything ever were to go wrong you could never use it as a hideaway.

The property is run by the owner’s neighbor, Matthew Fulkerson. According to his LinkedIn and Air BnB host profile, he has a hospitality background. He works for the silo owners at 20th Century Castles as a Missile Base Consultant and he founded Plan B Consulting which specializes in “strategically using former military installations.”

Accommodations during your stay are pretty standard. A queen-sized bed, full kitchen with “healthy” snacks and beverages. A hot tub is located somewhere, I assume on one of the floors in the silo given the theme, a great room with percussive instruments for your musical pleasure and a “Moon Deck” for sunbathing. After reading the listing it states some people live in the silo and their areas will be marked private. Not surprised there considering the silo owners are in the business of converting and selling old bases.

What gets me interested is that part about old stuff still being there. After looking at some video it appears to be some control panels and other odds and ends. That is pretty freakin’ cool! I’d visit for that if I ever saw a reason to go to Topeka, Kansas. Yeah hush, I know staying at the silo is a reason but at $140 a night? That’s not a good enough reason. Especially since I live over 1,000 miles away.

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