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Now, This Is Cool

Do you want to see something cool? It’s also scary as Hell, but in a cool kind of way.

Here You Go

This is a real-time representative map of current cyberattacks going on around the world. This is not all of the attacks, of course, just ones that have been identified by Norse Corporation. They are heavily involved in cyber-security for corporations and the military-government complex.  With its slick graphics and easy to understand layout, the map shows where the attacks originate and where they are aimed at. It is mesmerizing for data junkies, but the truth is all the more frightening.

The map shows just a tiny amount of the number of attacks that are currently going on. If the graphic showed all current cyberattacks, it would overload and freeze your computer. The entire world is involved in a huge cyber war and, many times, it is hard to tell who is on whose side and who our enemies really are. The OPM hack that has caused incalculable damage to the American military and government came from China. The attacks on Wall Street and the White House originated in Russia.

Cyber SpyThese two players are old opponents of the U.S. and it came as no surprise to find out they had updated and increased their capabilities for hacking into American computer systems. Our government does the same thing to them – perhaps without as much success or at least as much fanfare – and that is expected behavior; but cyber-attacks also come from and are aimed at nominal allies and even friends.

The NSA collecting data on our allies in France and Germany have not only hurt our credibility with these nations, but have also shown that the U.S. is not above spying and hacking on our friends. With that revelation, would it surprise anyone to discover that they have responded in kind?

Cyber warfare has gone mainstream. The old rules concerning friends and allies have been swept aside in the desire to gather as much information as possible and old friends have turned into competitors. It is no longer necessary to keep your friends close and enemies closer, both of them are already rooting around in our computer systems while we are too busy looking through theirs.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

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Matt Towns

Matt is a former military journalist who spent 10 years in the US Navy. He served in various posts during his career, including a couple of deployments on the USS Valley Forge (CG-50). After leaving the Navy, he worked in management for a number of years before opening his own businesses. He ran those businesses until 2012 when he chose to leave the retail industry and return to writing. Matt currently works as a freelance writer, contributing to the US Patriot blog and other websites about political affairs, military activities and sailing.
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1 thought on “Now, This Is Cool

  1. I am reminded of that old adage – there are no friendly intelligence agencies, just intelligence agencies of friendly countries. Snowden and Wikileaks have done a lot to tell the rest of the world about how the US regards its allies. No one has ever trusted the Russians, Chinese, etc. Now the US has joined that list.

    The advantage for the US is access to cutting edge technology to sift through all the cyber-dross looking for the occasional gem. Other countries have to work smarter and harder because they lack America’s IT resources.

    I suspect that this is the way of the future because America can put the genie back in the bottle. Trust is a fragile thing and America has violated it in the eyes of allies like Germany and France.

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