Next Generation Concealed Carry

I’m sure some of you are asking yourselves why you are looking at a hacked-up Sig P320. Let me explain. Back in January at Shot Show, Full Conceal brought with them something that you might see James Bond or Jason Bourne carry. The M1 Sig P320 and the M1 Glock 19. What exactly is it you ask? Well, it is a P320 and Glock 19 with roughly the entirety of the handgrips hacked off, that has a special holder with “Active Magazine Retention” that clamps to the Picatinny front rail in order to carry an extra magazine. Thus, allowing each platform to “give the imprint of a cell phone,” according to Full Conceals website. Being that it is just a little bigger than a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus they seem to be doing what they claim so far.Next Generation Concealed Carry

The idea seems pretty well thought out, minus the fact that you would most likely need both hands to shoot. Or would you? Full Conceal seems to have thought of that by only using 9mm handguns as their platforms. I was still a little skeptical but after watching the founder double tap 10 rounds into a what appears on screen to be a 2 or 3-inch circle, I was impressed. Much better than you would expect from a weapon with a total height of three and a half inches. In a video posted by Gun & Tactics it was explained that each kit would come with the weapon system, two short magazines and a “grip” magazine with a higher capacity, however, I was not able to find this on the website to verify. One of these bad boys will set you back $899 USD. Full Conceal also offers a lower kit which for those P320 owners out there will allow you to just throw your upper on and not have to worry about driving to your favorite dealer and mess about. The lower kit is a cool $349 USD.

That is just the tip of the iceberg though. We haven’t even gotten to what broke the internet recently. A Glock 19 that has been cut down to allow it to fold similar to that of the Magpul FMG9. I give you the Full Conceal M3 Glock 19. With a folding trigger and collapsing trigger guard, could this be the next big thing in the everyday carry world?

That’s a full 23 round magazines tucked up under the worldly loved Glock 19. How could it not be the next big thing? Of course, that means one of four pockets would be taken up by this gem which will set you back $999 USD thanks to a pre-sale, sale. The regular list price isn’t too far off though at $1199 USD.

While a date has not been announced as to when we can expect the full production model of the M3 Glock, the M1 Sig pre-sale orders are shipping out now with the Clock variant not far behind.

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