New Technology May Be Able to Detect Would-Be Suicide Bombers

It’s no secret that terrorists don’t necessarily have to reside in foreign countries for long periods of time to become radicalized; recent attacks have shown that many people with the potential to be radicalized are living amongst us in the United States right at this very moment. The propaganda and recruiting related efforts of terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Al Qaeda has proven to be both long reaching and effective. It’s a potential source of future attacks that has homeland security, police and military security experts extremely nervous and searching for ways to counter these threats. Well, there may be a new technology available to help in these situations.

One constant element that radicalized religious terrorists seem to possess during their attacks is the willingness to die if necessary for their cause. It confounds westerners because it’s against our very nature of thinking, but for religious extremists it almost seems second nature. Because of this fact, it seems that almost every attack that is carried out by these terrorists carries with it the ever-present element of suicide bombing. As a result of this fact, a new technology is being developed to help spot would-be suicide bombers and their equipment. It is just the thing that both the police and military need to give them an edge to either stop or lessen the severity of these terrorist attacks when they occur.

Bomb TechHow the Technology Works?

The aim of suicide bombers is twofold; it keeps them from getting captured, as they are willing to die for their cause, and it is also designed to inflict even more mass causalities as the terrorist triggers the device. But, what if the device would actually work against these terrorists and aid in the detection of them by police? That is the very type of thing that the company Rapiscan Systems hopes to accomplish with their aptly named CounterBomber technology.

The system itself works by using a video steered radar sensor. It’s non-invasive equipment similar to x-ray scanning devices, so the public should have no problem accepting it. It is also fully automatic and takes only a few minutes for an individual to set up and get working. It not only can detect suicide bombs but also can detect the presence of firearms of all sizes, including pistols as well. The company claims it can detect and alert the presence of a suicide bomber in as little as 3 -5 seconds; that should give civilian, police and military security teams a big advantage in countering any threat that the system detects.

Does the Technology Work?

People who have seen the device work claim it does exactly what it is supposed to do. That is great news for security being done at such vulnerable events as football games and concerts. The American military has supposedly tested the equipment itself, but the results of that test have been classified. It is rumored that they have subsequently purchased several units of the CounterBomber equipment so you would have to believe they liked what they saw when testing it.

In this day and age, countries need every advantage they can get to protect the civilian and professional population- tools like the CounterBomber are a big step in the right direction.

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Craig Smith

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