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New Life, New Hope, New Purpose | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

New Life, New Hope, New Purpose

We are approaching the Easter Weekend; the Christian time of remembrance of Jesus the Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross at the hands of the Roman Government and the Jewish Sanhedrin. If you have read my articles before, or even my bio, you know that I am an unashamed believer in Jesus Christ and a professing and practicing Evangelical Christian. I am not apologetic about my beliefs and I am not judgmental of anyone else’s.

The theme of the Easter season at my church has been centered on New Life. The church that I attend has been experiencing an almost remarkable time of spiritual growth; the miracles that have been witnessed by many, not just a few, are very powerful. If you do not believe, this may not mean anything to you, but I hope you will continue to read, if for nothing else, to just humor yourself or me.

In my congregation, some people have faced a certain death sentence with a life-threatening disease, but God through his power has turned it around and they have been healed. Couples have been told scientifically that they could not have children, but God has turned it around and blessed them with the miracle of a natural born child. Families were in desperate need of a job for financial survival, and God has turned it around and blessed them with abundantly more than they could ever hope for or imagine. God has been turning things around throughout the congregation and theNew Life community.

What is ‘it’ you ask? Well ‘it’ can be, or is, whatever you need ‘it’ to be. My needs and your needs can be the same, similar, or completely different. However, they are all significant at least to us. I may need a vehicle for transportation to work so I don’t have to walk. You may need healing from sickness or from addiction. Our need is significant to God and us.

For example, do you remember the story of the man in Michigan that walked 20 miles each way from home to work and back home again? He needed a vehicle, right? When his story became public, he not only received the blessing of a car but also some other financial assistance and some publicity, which he probably didn’t want. His ‘it’ was transportation. By receiving his ‘it,’ I believe that he received a new life. If in no other way, think of the hours each day that he had reclaimed by not having to walk for so long each day. With his new life also came new purpose. He had a new purpose to fulfill; perhaps it was to give someone else a ride to work.

I don’t know what his purpose might be or yours either for that matter, which is something for an individual to determine on their own. However, I do know that a new life will yield a new hope, and a new hope will bring new purpose.

Finding your purpose is the missing characteristic for most of us; to find contentment and fulfillment in life as well as inner peace is a goal of many. I wish that I could wave a stick over your head and reveal your purpose, but I thankfully do not have that power. I believe that I know who does have that type of power though. I believe that it is God who has that power. If you are reading this, then please know that you are being prayed for. I hope you will find a Bible-believing church to attend and start seeking your purpose. Easter is a good time for the fresh start on the New Life that will give you New Hope that brings New Purpose. If not Easter Sunday, then try the next Sunday and keep on trying until it catches hold of you.

God Bless You!

Disclaimer: The content in this article is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of US Patriot Tactical.

Bergen Mease

Author, baseball fan, Florida State University Seminoles sports nut, Gulf Coast native usually somewhere with his feet in the sand.

Those are just a few things that could generally describe Bergen Mease. However, more importantly he is a Believer in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. He is a patriot of the United States of America that comes from a US Navy family. He lives with his wife and children, whom they are raising with conservative leanings. He served as a law enforcement officer and more recently as a law enforcement and emergency services Chaplain. His mission is to write about topics that will make everyone think about how they treat others both personally and professionally.
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