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New Deployments to Iraq | U.S. PATRIOT NEWS & REVIEWS

New Deployments to Iraq

As most of you are probably aware, on 27 September, 2014, the United States announced further deployment of troops into Iraq. This may have been in response to the militant Islamic state groups’ video release that warned the United States that their fighters are waiting in Iraq should Pres. Obama send troops into the area. This may well happen if the current strategy of airstrikes should fail. The 52 second video entitled “Flames of War” show these militants blowing up tanks, as well as images of wounded US soldiers.

The video’s timing suggested that it was a direct response to Gen. Martin Dempsey, of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who said in testimony that he may recommend the use of ground troops should the air attacks prove to be insufficient.

American military forces are currently planning on deploying approximately 13,000 troops despite claims of withdrawal. These troops and vehicles will be stationed 87 miles northwest of Baghdad. In September, the US government sent 1600 troops to Iraq; the majority of these troops were deployed from Fort Riley, Kansas. The United States military and the President, have already pointed out that this is not an intervention on Iraq, rather it is a coalition of multiple troops including Canada, the US, the UK and Iraqi forces. The primary goal of this coalition of troops is to protect and keep intact the current Iraqi government.

Recently Secretary of State John Kerry visited with the President of Iraq in Baghdad. This visit came just as the UN said that at least 1075 people, mostly civilians, have been killed since the insurrection began only 17 days ago. This violence has been increasing in Iraq and is rapidly deteriorating security in the western, center and northern parts of the country, and this trend is likely to continue. US officials are hopeful that they can persuade the Kurds to stick with the government in Baghdad, thus helping to keep the country together. The site for the coalition forces to set up base (87 miles northwest of Bagdad) is a vitally important strategic area. It provides easy access to either Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan where insurgents are known to be located. We need to remember that it is not only ISIS that we need to protect ourselves from, but also the various other radical groups that can be found within this area. In fact, this would include much of the Middle East and northern Africa.

While it may seem contradictory, we need to realize the importance of keeping these Middle Eastern countries safe from the ideologies of such radicals! Think back to 9/11; it is us the Western world that they wish to conquer because in their minds we are the infidels. If all of us in the free world wish to continue living a life free of fear and desolation, we definitely need to keep such people under surveillance. We also need to reach other people and help them see that it would be in the best interest of everyone that we simply learn to live together in peace without violence.

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Teresa Agostino

Originally from Canada, Terri moved to the US at 16 and joined the Army Reserves at 17. She went active Army in 1991, and spent almost 2 years in Iraq as a program analyst for the Army Corps of Engineers. She currently works for the VA as an Accounts Management Supervisor. Terri has her MBA in HR management.
Teresa Agostino

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