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New Army PT Uniform

The US Army’s physical fitness gear has become as much an icon of the service as the M16 or the Abrams tank, but progress catches up with everything in the end, and the old gray shirt with black ARMY has reached its retirement date. Starting in October, a new PT uniform will be rolled out, bringing the gear our soldiers train in right up to date. The new uni has been based on discussions with troops, starting from the introduction of the Improved Physical Fitness Uniform 14 years ago. The IPFU generated a lot of complaints, so some real effort has gone into making sure the new uniform is what soldiers want.

New PT Uni FemaleOver 40 changes have been made to the PT gear, and one of them is really distinctive. The old black on gray design is gone – the new uniform is a black base with gold ARMY logos. It’s eye-catching, and in tests has been very popular with soldiers. The A logo on the rear has been dropped, as have the reflective patches featured on the IPFU. Along with eliminating the liner from the pants, that means a set of the new clothes will cost soldiers about $3 less than the IPFU did.

The uniform consists of 5 separate garments – jacket, pants, trunks and long- and short-sleeved t-shirts. All are made from improved moisture-wicking fabric, have tagless labels, and feature embroidered logos other than the large ARMY on the t-shirts, which is screen-printed.

New PT Uni GroupDetail changes include revised trunks following complaints from soldiers that the old design was too revealing, especially when doing sit-ups. The new ones have a modesty liner to hide any embarrassing dangles. Many other details, including the drawstrings and zipper tags, have been improved based on user feedback.  The trunks have an internal key pocket and an ID pocket on the left thigh. The mock collar has been removed from the long-sleeve shirt and half-elastic lower legs make the pant cuffs easy to adjust. The underarm zips on the jacket are out, and lighter and more robust eyelet vents are in. Female sizing has also been introduced for the jacket and pants. Meanwhile, the watch cap that goes with the uniform will stay the same except for a color change – it’s now black, too.

One concern was that a black uniform be hotter for exercising troops than the gray was, but it’s been tested in a lab; the wicking properties of the new fabric more than cancel out any heat gain there might have been.

The Army will be introducing a new option as well. For troops who take their training extra-seriously, there will be an optional purchase version of the uniform made in premium high performance fabrics. It looks the same as the standard issue, but it’s lighter. The price is higher, but soldiers can buy the components they want and mix them with the standard uniform. This version is scheduled to hit the clothing stores in December.

The new Army Physical Fitness Uniform is the most radical change to training gear in decades, but two large-scale trials show it’s already popular with the people who count – the troops who’ll wear it. The rollout should go quickly, because the Army has taken time to build up inventory before the changeover starts, so it shouldn’t be long before exercising soldiers look even more professional than before.

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3 thoughts on “New Army PT Uniform

  1. I like the new PT UNIFORMS(changes), and also I really like the color change to being black and gold. Sadly for me is,changes didn’t occur for the DRESS BLUES AND PT UNIFORM didn’t happen until after I was MEDICALLY RETIRED CLASS A’S and grey and black PT uniform was still in use prior to my retirement of March 2010,and so I would’ve loved to have been issued the NEW DRESS BLUES AND NEW PT UNIFORM prior to my MEDICAL RETIREMENT…. Can RETIREES get DRESS BLUES ISSUED AND NEW PT UNIFORMS so we can take our pictures and LOOK GOOD IN DRESS BLUES FOR OUR KIDS AND FAMILY?

    1. Yes, but not issued.
      I wouldn’t bother with the new APFU’s.
      If you were MRB and ETS’ed honorably you are authorized to wear the ASU for special events. All your awards, rank, badges and service strips stay in the same places you have them on your greens. You just don’t sew on a combat patch-its a button now.
      All out of pocket; your looking at spending about $500 bucks.
      (AR 670-1_per 23-3 & 23-4)

    2. the soldiers appaer to appreciate the training. They want to learn, and I think they’re glad to be here, she said. You can definitely tell they’re with the (Air Force) and Army. If one of them doesn’t understand, someone else helps. Once the training is complete, 20 of the soldiers will go on a Sept. 27 trail ride designed to simulate a mission.

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