Do you like your chicken half cooked? Perhaps salads that feature bugs as a side dish? Or maybe, you prefer the same breakfast every day for a minimum period of 180 days? You can have all of this and more when you join at your local recruiting station! But, seriously one of the most common questions I get in the Navy is “how does the food taste in the ship”? The answer I give them… terrible. Granted while I’ve only served aboard a single ship, the experience has certainly been beyond words as it never seems to get any better, no matter how you season it.

An interesting fact among the sailors is that food aboard a carrier is actually the worst type of meal you can eat. Sailors that have been in other types of naval vessels actually state their meals are not only better but that a multiple people get to try their chance at cooking; thus there is a larger variety on the menu. On the carrier we get the same people cooking, and the same menu every week, it comes as part of the monotony aboard the ships. But, a little change of pace wouldn’t hurt, you know?

(Able Seaman Maritime Logistics – Chef Cameron Moore serves meals from inside the main galley in HMAS Tobruk.)

This is the reason sailors stock up on ramen noodles before deployment because as unhealthy as those are, they change the pace of the ship a little bit at least. Some of the sailors even go as far as to say that if the food they serve in the galley won’t kill them; neither will the sodium-induced heart attack. However, there is more to the noodles than simply eating bad food as sometimes the waiting in line period is a bigger deterrent than the cost of your health. Not that it would make much difference to anyone on board who’s done a working party.

Whenever it’s time to bring food aboard the ship, we have what is called a working party. This is part of our ability to stay afloat for extended periods of time, but they’re particularly a good learning experience for younger sailors. Because it is the time they can see what the nutritional value of food is… or rather the lack of it. Most of the boxes have a warning on the label which states “this food is not fit for human consumption”. Which most common folk will recognize as prison food. It hits the point even harder when most sailors agree that prison food has to be better than the one we eat.

The food is definitely one of the major reasons sailors love port calls. Many sailors will recognize these as an opportunity to eat a decent meal. Port calls might not seem all that important, but the difference is night and day to sailors. After all, for a sailor, nothing beats the opportunity to spend hundreds of dollars on food and drinks. Except, maybe a hotel party; however those can be dangerous and have been known to rack up thousands of dollars in damages alone. Yet, that is a story for another day.

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Emmanuel "Dash the Bomber" Barbosa

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