Munich Revisited

Former UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s name will forever be associated with Hitler and appeasement. Chamberlain, however, was only one in a long line of leaders throughout history who thought appeasing brutal dictators could somehow tame them.

Hitler never tried very hard to hide his ambitions. He believed Germans, or Aryans as he unscientifically portrayed people of German decent, were superior to any other person or race on earth. As soon as Hitler had the means, he invaded his neighbors. The citizens then became slave labor in his factories and the resources, art works and material goods became property of the Reich.

Like Hitler, Iran doesn’t try to hide its ambitions. “Death to America” might as well be formalized on their license plates like state mottos are in the United States. The government officials gleefully proclaim their delight whenever a Muslim terrorist murders someone. Their government exports terrorism like Brazil exports coffee.

Neville Chamberlain holding the paper containing the resolution to commit to peaceful methods signed by both Hitler and himself on his return from Munich.
Neville Chamberlain holding the paper containing the resolution to commit to peaceful methods signed by both Hitler and himself on his return from Munich.

Our administration says we should pay no attention to, as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz was told, “the man behind the curtain.” The Iranian government doesn’t really mean it. These comments, to paraphrase an Obama spokesman, were for domestic Iranian consumption only and have to do with Iranian politics.

Oh, and by the way, women in Iran are treated as chattel. There is no religious freedom, no democracy. The Iranian version of the Gestapo keeps the citizens in line. Political prisoners are routinely tortured and executed. The administration’s appeasement wonks couldn’t care less.

Worse, while our Secretary of State is negotiating with these psychopaths, a decorated U.S. Marine combat veteran, Amir Heckmadi, is rotting away in an Iranian prison, suffering torture and degradation at the hands of his captors. Nevertheless, the 21st Century’s version of Chamberlain, this time in Geneva instead of Munich, claims our nuclear deal with Iran will make the world safer.

How can we trust a president who repeatedly, and shamelessly, fails to live up to his promises? Remember the “green line” in Syria? What about his promise to stop Russian aggression in Ukraine? For over a decade, the U.S. and our allies have rightly insisted that the only way to ensure Iran would not be able to build a nuclear device was to close their enrichment facilities. As usual, the administration has capitulated. The terms of the agreement negotiated by the State Department allow Iran to keep all their facilities open.

Does the Administration really believe that the Iranians will allow inspections of their facilities? They will delay, refuse, reluctantly agree and then change their mind as they have been doing for years. Given the Administration’s unbroken track record for over six years now, we will issue one of those stern warning letters telling them not to do it again or else.

The real pièce de résistance, however, is how this deal will be implemented. This is not a treaty. Obama has very cleverly ensured this will be a UN Security Council sanctioned action. Congress will have no say. Once the UN Security Council approves, if Iran doesn’t comply with the terms, there will be nothing we can do about it. The UN will take months of talking, sending letters and asking nicely for Iran to comply. Meanwhile, Iran will and can continue to develop a nuclear bomb. Any Security Council attempt to re-impose sanctions will almost certainly be vetoed by Russia or China.

Chamberlain signed the Munich agreement in 1938. “Peace in our time” was the famous line used to describe the agreement.

World War II began less than a year later.

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Bill Gaskill

Mr. Gaskill has over 20 years of extensive international experience with the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, U.S. Department of State, followed by 10+ years in the corporate sector.During his career at State, he developed and led comprehensive security programs in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America.He was Chief of Security at five U.S. Embassies:Tel Aviv, Athens, Lima, Nicosia and Lome.He has worked in more than 144 countries and has an extensive network of global contacts.His areas of professional expertise include risk assessments, physical security, access control, guard force operations and management, counter terrorism, investigations, foreign security liaison, personal protection and Emergency Plans and Preparations.

As Vice President of a Security Fusion Center, Bill has provided risk management advice and direction to major Fortune 100 defense industry, ultra high net worth and other clients.

As Global Director for Security, Alem International, Bill planned and directed all facets of the security and risk mitigation strategies for the 2004 Olympic Torch Relay that took place in over 34 countries.

Bill was commissioned as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Officer in the US Army immediately after college.

Mr. Gaskill has a Bachelor of Science degree in Ancient History with a math minor from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.He has a current Top Secret/SCI clearance.He has professional fluency ratings in Spanish, Greek, Hebrew and French, and has a working knowledge of Russian.
Bill Gaskill

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  1. Meh, not really fussed about Iran. They’re not aggressive and by regional standards (which admittedly are low) more democratic than most. The mullahs are doomed by demographics and know it; young Iranians, which is most of them, don’t want to live in a theocracy.

    As for the possibility of them getting nuclear weapons I’m very relaxed about that and I, unlike the USA, am potentially within range of them. The nuclear weapons that worry me are Pakistan’s – financed by Saudi Arabia and under the control of a pro-Taliban failed state.

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